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Lotify 2.0

Lotify 2.0

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GOOGLEID: com.nll.lotify
Title: Lotify
Version: 2.0 | Looking For Other Version Lotify Click Here
Code: 10
Android Version: 2.0.x
Size: 450.94 KB
MD5: 22ea443effff5c206e92bf841721d6b4
Keyword: lotify,productivity
Lotify 2.0.apk named id com.nll.lotify can find in lotify,productivity size for Download 29773711 Support SDK 5 Android version 2.0.x.

Some Short Info:
Lotify is a free notification maker app with support for Android Jelly Bean Notifications. It is a new kind of to-do app that uses Android notifications as reminders. Use Lotify "Add new" notification to create reminders for your self. Choose from over hundred icons for your notification. Lotify is sharing aware so that you can create notifications from text based content from other apps by sh.....


Changes in 2.0 Version:
Please email me all your questions and bug reports Fixed crash after a scheduled notification deleted Greek translation Turkish translation

com.nll.lotify.apk More Info:
Fingerprint: 8D:3D:86:14:F9:07:B2:C7:F2:E9:E3:E3:AA:E3:F5:CB:2D:A7:5B:0B

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