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Download air.clicker.mine.idle.tycoon APK For Android, APK File Named air.clicker.mine.idle.tycoon And APP Developer Company Is FGL Indie Showcase . Latest Android APK Vesion air.clicker.mine.idle.tycoon Is air.clicker.mine.idle.tycoon 1.13.00 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Do you like gems or mining for gold?  Start tapping on the mine to get gems! Sell your gems and hire workers to speed up the mining process. Continue to tap and earn more jewels and gold! Upgrade your mine and equipment and step by step you can become a Clicker Mine Idle Tycoon! -TAP FOR PRECIOUS METALS!- Tap the mine to earn valuable metals! The more money you get the more you will have to upgrade your mining equipment and hire more workers! -UPGRADE MINING EQUIPEMENT!- Get more money out of each tap! Collect more and more money! Earn more jewels per tap, up to double or triple! Multiply your earrings! -COLLECT AND FUSE RUNES- Fuse Runes together to improve your pickaxe effectiveness!  Main Features •TAP the mine to earn gems! •BUY and upgrade pickaxes to mine for better jewels! •UPGRADE mining to get more gems per tap! •USE CRYSTALS! After earring enough money, new opportunities will be ordered for you. Begin tapping again to get crystals, a BONUS! Spend your crystals on more upgrades or save them to use another way. •PLAY the Runes lottery. This opportunity is only available when you have CRYSTALS! •FUSE 10 Runes to get a new superior Rune. •COLLECT the Runes and all the Altars in this idle game! Altars bring interesting bonuses!

From version air.clicker.mine.idle.tycoon 1.13.00 :
Added: 2016-10-18 17:51:36
Modified: 2017-06-11 20:08:08
Updated: 2018-01-17 04:46:24

Major Update!

- Added new coin shop with fun upgrades!

- Magic Lantern to help your workers harvest more resources!

- Cute Kitty to make your workers work faster!

- Box of tools to reduce worker pickaxe price!

- Enchanted essence to get essences faster!

- Observation tower for cheaper altars!

- Excavator to increase resources!

- Big Magnet for double the resources!

- New Mine backgrounds!

- More Pickaxes + Ores!

- Background Music!

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