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Teaching about life cycles is usually done in the lower primary. Understanding the concept of life cycles can be difficult for some children, so the best way to teach it is to use it within a context young children will understand and recognize. For many teachers and parents, this means teaching about the life cycle of animals especially by using insects such as butterflies or bees as the insect world is one of the most diverse and amazing in nature. With millions of different types of insects and bugs, you could spend your entire life studying insects and still not unearth everything there is to know about these fascinating creatures. However, when it comes to children, there are a few stand-out favorites that most children seem to adore. We have selected 21 most popular insects that will definitely amazed your child and get him interested to learn everything about them, starting with their life cycle Teaching the insect life cycle to children should be an eye-opening experience. Discovering where plants and animals come from can answer many questions children have and if it is told in a boring or clunky way it may not interest them. This App is specially designed to provide an interesting and innovative way to show the children how life cycles work while entertaining them at the same time. This App uses sound effects and animation to convey the life cycles of insects and arachnids. Using a familiar drag and drop method, this App shows how the insects change as they develop. And the icing on the cake is that the child will get to watch fascinating bonus videos of their favorite insect whenever they are able to correctly complete the life cycle. By understanding the life cycle, children can better understand and respect all life, including other people and other species. Respect is vital to a happy and healthy world, and life cycles can help to bring respect to this world. Every living thing has a life cycle, and by understanding that, it connects all of us. Only limited insects are featured in this free version. Get full 21 insects and watch more insect videos in the full version
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