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Download Days of Empire - Heroes never die APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is ONEMT . Latest Android APK Vesion Days of Empire - Heroes never die Is Days of Empire - Heroes never die 2.2.2 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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"Days of Empire is the first true war game to restore the history of the Ottoman Empire. The war at sea is over, but the war on land is just beginning. As the designated successor of the aging Ottoman sultan, you must unite the great warriors of this mighty, historic empire. Eliminate your enemies; rescue captive heroes; amass great armies; build an impenetrable fortress; bolster your economy; and take over the reigns of the empire! ==Game features== ⑴ Faithfully recreating the Ottoman Empire: Experience exquisite Ottoman architecture and take part in epic campaigns! ⑵ Summon historical Ottoman heroes: Over 50 real leaders from the Ottoman Empire await your commands! ⑶ Large-scale battlefields: PVP, PVE, and Kingdom War; fight for glory! ⑷ Strategic battles: A wide variety of troop types, weapons, and flexible hero combinations; experience strategy on a global scale! ⑸ Naval Warfare competition: War engulfs both land and sea, harking back to real historical campaigns! ⑹ Global interaction: Awesome real-time translations and language chat features! ⑺ Alliance battles: Form powerful alliances, occupy strategic strongholds, plunder resources, and expand your empire! ==Real player comments== ""The game is completely faithful to history, the music is inspiring, and the whole experience is immersive"" ""It's intuitive and easy to play and the graphics are exquisite"" ""It's addictive and you can play for free"" ""After entering the game there are so many alliances waiting to welcome you, it's a really tight-knit community and everyone works together to fight enemies!"" Official website: Facebook: Customer support: If you have any feedback or recommendations, then don't hesitate to send us a message at [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:"

From version Days of Empire - Heroes never die 2.2.2 :
Added: 2019-03-06 04:02:26
Modified: 2019-10-11 09:59:16
Updated: 2019-10-10 12:10:56

"1. New Legendary Summons event:

Pick the Hero you wish to summon and then use Legendary Summons to summon them;

2. New weekly event calendar:

Events are separated into regular events and major events and displayed on a weekly schedule for you to view;

3. New Mighty Force handbook added to the Hero's Handbook feature:

Hero's contained in this handbook improve troop training volume and speed;

4. New burning rage status:

After actively ending their war protection, Lords will gain a temporary 10% buff to attack, defense, and HP but they will be unable to reuse war protection for a set period of time;

5. Five new Alliance technologies:

Four of which increases attack for various troop types and one of which reduces the time required to rally monsters;

6. More detailed information displayed at the Hall of Flames:

Once a season has ended, you'll be able to check the top 16 rankings and battle info as well as personal glory rankings;

7. Max Lord level increased to Lv.60;

8. Improved battle system: Strengthening the effects of individuals' attributes on rallies;

9. New mounted archer Hero: Tomyris. Increases mounted archer critical strike rate and critical strike damage."

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