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Download Terraria APK For Android, APK File Named com.and.games505.Terraria And APP Developer Company Is 505 Games Srl . Latest Android APK Vesion Terraria Is Terraria 1.2.12785 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

Terraria APK Description

This is an unofficial application created by fans of the game for other players, it gives information on the passage of the game Terraria All Things. For Android will undoubtedly help to cope with them, and then successfully pass absolutely all levels of this entertaining game Terraria 1.3. You ar
From version Terraria 1.2.12785 :
Added: 2013-10-11 22:22:34
Modified: 2016-08-03 11:16:29
Updated: 2017-11-20 16:04:34

Critical fixes.

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elo a mi działa teraria ze strinki ...........

Well Your Noober than the character in this game :P

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Same problem


si alguien borra los datos del juego se reiniciara

por algo hay 2 pendejo busca bien

Actually the only Minecraft rip off is roblox and games like Minecraft this game is different from Minecraft. I play MC every DAY and this is similar but still way different.

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You need to wait.... It always happens to me!

Dont be mean creators of the game worked really hard it isnt easy to make game

guys not every game is minecraft

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si dejamos a un lado los graficos este juego es mejor q minecraft

vc e muito intelligent

yeh its true

Pobierz Lucky Patcher i usuń licensję

Pobierz Lucky Patcher i usuń licensję

saben si usa datos obb

Vcs tem que estar no mesmo WI-FI pra poder jogar com seu amigo ok


não é demo pode ficar tranquilo

não é demo pode ficar tranquilo


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is this Work? Well if it working on you then that mean it work.... maybe?

Don't worry, there are no signs of there being a virus.

com o mesmo Wi-Fi

com o mesmo Wi-Fi

com o mesmo Wi-Fi você e ele

too long cant reaf



its because you dont have enough memory or storage

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อุฟุฟวยฟวยฟวย อันยัดทวยทวยทวย อุเบกอุเบิก โอซอส


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verdade o meu também

A koho to jakk zajímá??? Seš asi mentálbě postiženej... Nebo nemáš mozek... A jestli tak o velikosti lískovýho oříšku -_- aptoide při instaaci žádá o možnost využití gps alr to vy malí kidi nevíte protože to stejně nečtete... Tedy když to umíte -_-

pegando tá tua mãe filho da puta

to pełna wersja?

Nie wiem odinstaluj i zainstaluj to może Ci się uda a jak nie to inną wersję pobierz lub ze strony ""

vuelve a instalarlo

bruh that's PC version

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Es El Demo ;-;

como que põe ele completo??

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e que vc não sabe como ter ele completo mas eu sei


seu inutio não fala minha língua

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get lucky patcher to ues the game

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is this free

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ele tá completo?

this is thrash now you cant get terraria on aptoide what a waste of time

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esta completo

this is not a minecraft ripp-off!

hola te gusta el juego

Nice App!! 😁😁

No it's the full game



so what at least its a game

Tem que lançar logo esse jo é muito bom 👍

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