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Download APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is iolo technologies, LLC. . Latest Android APK Vesion Is 1.9.3 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone. APK Description

"Car Widget" makes easier and quicker access to phone features when you're in the car.

With the widget you can assign one or more screens on your home launcher to be dedicated for usage inside the car.

Unlike Car Home applications, you still will have access to all other screens of your home launcher.

To access widget settings use application shortcut.


On any home screen press "menu", then "add", select "widgets" and choose "Car Widget" from the list of available widgets.

You might need to restart the device in order to widget to appear in the list.

Main features:

* 4x4 widget

* 4,6 or 8 big shortcuts per widget

* 5 Skins

* Customization options: background color, opacity, font size and color, icons tint

* Replacement for "Car Dock" / "Car Home" applications.

* Custom icons and titles for shortcuts

* Icon pack support

Available shortcuts (can be expanded by installed applications):

* Applications

* Bookmark

* Contact

* Direct dial/ message

* Directions & Navigation (Using Google Maps)

* Gmail label

* Music playlist

* Settings

* Built-In Shortcuts - (InCar switch, Play/Pause, Next, Previous - Experimental)

Free version includes Trial of the features available in the Car Widget Pro.

Car Widget Pro features:

Automation for your car. Detects when you inside the car and adjusts settings of your phone.

Trigger (possible to combine all of the options):

* Power cable connected

* Headphones connected

* Bluetooth device connected

* Activity recognition


* Turn on Bluetooth

* Disable screen timeout

* Adjust screen brightness

* Adjust volume level of media

* Switch off Wi-Fi

* Route call to speaker

* Auto answer (Experimental)

* Autorun App

* Shortcuts in notification bar (Android 4.0)


- It's not possible to unlock the screen from widget

- It's not possible to switch to the specific screen from widget

- Not possible to switch GPS


CALL_PHONE (Directly call phone numbers)- used for direct call shortcut

WAKE_LOCK (Prevent phone from sleeping) - used to disable screen timeout

WRITE_SETTINGS (Modify system settings)- used to adjust brightness settings

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE and CHANGE_WIFI_STATE - connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi

BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - required in order to switch Bluetooth state

(Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage) - Backup/Restore functionality


* On some devices you have option "Stay awake" (Under Settings -> Applications -> Development), you can enable it if your want to prevent phone from sleeping.

* Landscape mode: Not all launchers allow to use phone in landscape mode, just replace yours with alternative one that supports it (like LauncherPro or ADW).

You can find Car Widget Pro also in market.

(This marketplace has an option for PayPal)


Please exercise caution when using this application and do not manipulate your device while driving. Always pay attention to the road.

From version 1.9.3 :
Added: 2016-09-30 17:42:36
Modified: 2016-11-13 08:05:00
Updated: 2017-09-16 12:35:11


Fix notification shortcuts on lollipop

Fix icons were disappearing


Reduce memory usage

Reduce app size

Upgrade libraries


Update backup UI

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