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Download World of Potion APK For Android, APK File Named com.niko300.worldofpotion And APP Developer Company Is Nikosoft . Latest Android APK Vesion World of Potion Uploaded In 2016-12-08 Is World of Potion 1.6 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

World of Potion APK Description

"World of Potion" is a game that consist to take all the stars trying to survive to enemy and avoiding the obstacle.

The game will force to reflect on the fasted and most efficient way to finish a level solving the enigma so the score decreasing to each move and to each second past.

To achieve your end you will have until 8 type of potions, a pickaxe, to broke the brickwall and hearts to retrieve life.

The potions


- Potion cyan blue : Allow you while 18 seconds to jump up the whole. One whole maximum.

- Potion yellow: Allow you to get best resistance while 18 seconds, this allow to lose only a half heart instead of a full heart when the enemy attack you.

- Potion magenta : Got you invincibility while 10 seconds

- Potion rainbow : Allow while 28 secondes that all map of the game change of color to for example for best view of the item.

- Potion grey : Allow until 30 seconds to switch the game music, that give another ambience.

- Potion green : It give you 70 points more.

- Potion bright red : It take you 40 points less

- Potion white : It do you lose all inventory of item and the active potion

The item


♥ The heart of life : Adding 1 life

• The pickaxe : Allow you to broke the brickwall but not the mettalic wall.

The key


A hatch with a lock allow you to go at the next level. To achieve this, you will should take all the stars of the level for do appear the key of this hatch.

The slingshot


You can use a slingshot to temporaly get rid of the ennemy.

To launch a rock so simply touch the central button to launch rock in the good direction.

You have 20 rocks to begin a game.

To resume


"World of Potion" is a game of skill and speed ; while game you will find the most optimal way to take the less time ass possible and do the less move as possible and so reach to win a rank in the international ranking.

Un local ranking on your smartphone or tablet allow you to save your score whether you're online or offline

To begin you should read the synopsis and then enter a nickname for differenciate your scores with scores of other person.

►Thank to report in the comments the possible problem that you will meet eventually in the flow of the game or in the operation of app.


• Musics :

- Ambience 1 : Hyperthreading - Zeropage

- Ambience 2 : Orbiting freeside - Bod

- Ending : Nikosoft

• Graphics :

- Nikosoft

• Sound effects :

- Nikosoft

• Programming :

- Nikosoft

• Leveldesign :

- Nikosoft, Struff

== This contains Ads in a banner on the score screen ==

From version World of Potion 1.6 :

- Simplification of slingshot use : You should juste push the center button and a rock is launch in the good direction !

- Thumbnail adding for level in the level selection numberpicker

Android World of Potion Screen 1Android World of Potion Screen 2

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