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Download iLauncher APK For Android, APK File Named net.suckga.ilauncher2 And APP Developer Company Is suckgamoni . Latest Android APK Vesion iLauncher Is iLauncher Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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iLauncher is an elaborate, smooth, beautiful launcher. UI is clear and intuitive so that it can be used without any instructions. FEATURES – Smooth scrolling – Delicate animations – Long touch on an icon let you edit icons – Short touch on an icon in editing mode displays individual customization menu – Overlap icons to make a folder – Drag down to search – Supports tablet – Status bar can be restyled with iNoty ICON PACKS It supports themes of Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, Nova Launcher as icon packs. ADVERTISEMENT Ads will NOT be displayed for purchased users. This app has been marked as an ad containing app because it contains code to display ads to illegal downloaders. Users who purchased and downloaded the launcher through Play Store will not experience any ads. TRANSLATIONS If you want to participate in translations, visit PREVIOUS USERS iLauncher had been forced to be taken down from the store. Steps to get a refund for the previous users (Who already bought it between 1.Feb.2014 and 23.Apr.2015) : 1. Re-purchase the new version (this app) first. 2. Go to 'Preferences > User Support > Previous User Refund'. 3. Select the Play Store account that your previous order belongs to. 4. Then you will get a refund within 1-3 days. You can check the result in Google Wallet. * Requests for refunding through e-mail will not be processed.

From version iLauncher :
Added: 2016-10-27 03:40:25
Modified: 2016-10-27 03:40:25
Updated: 2019-03-09 17:17:04


- Fixed duplicated icons bug for some apps.

- Text color of status bar is now dark when wallpaper is light on Marshmallow devices.

- Fixed some bugs.


- Updated search interface. Now search can be accessed by swiping right from the first page.

- Changed/updated some icons.

- Fixed some wallpaper problems.

- Improved performance.

- Fix wrong scroll resistance at the end of screens.

- Removed bouncing effect when scrolling.

Android iLauncher Screen 1

it keeps on login failing its bad its garshhh

I don't know

plise suported 3D touch,and control center ios 10,plus lockscreen ios 10


falide login,plise suport 3D touch iphone

sup do u want to play MINECRAFT

es muy segura para su descarga

The app is not installed. Wtf! Please help

El mejor launcher que imita iOs.

Como me puedo registrar no puedo utilizarlo

it keeps failing at loging in


icon is different

Is safe no root or bloatware

Hello everyone I just want to say if it say good app make sure is it some but not a good app some has virus or bloatware make sure you see it's not a virus or a bloatware 1 like = more safer apps

why is the best launcher i have ever ran into a virus? ugh

My cleaner on my phone says its a virus...

Totally amazing! This worked for me. You can't get it on the play store but you can here and just wow. Best launcher I have seen in a long time

i can't install at....why there may to root??

Fantastica! Launcher veramente in stile iOS, assolutamente il migliore. Lo conosco da quando aveva la grafica di iOS 6 ed è sempre stato ottimo. Anche se non c'è più sul Play Store, rimane comunque eccellente.

Faltan iconos, pero por lo demas perfecto

its a really good app its like your using a iphone👌👍


Uns pequenos defeitos e umas falhas mas é muito bom. Não se pode pedir tudo já que não é um iphone .

aparte de poder haber menos publicidad, resuelvan el problema de la varra de notificaciones al usar el buscador o al mantener presionado la aplicacion, ya que desaparece y hay que abrir una aplicacion para que vuelva a salir

Función a bien pero no veo cambios ni nuevas características

yeah dude gggg

fix the problem

Por favor quiten la publicidad, a cada rato me sale publicidad y al cerrarla me cierra la app

Não está Notificando as mensagens do WhatsApp, arrumem isso!

nicht download es wird gebühr verleih

not working

siiii porfavor

Hola, me paso igual, por favor pública la anterior

pasa el link bro

i can't open this app.....

crashes on startup?

Hola Yo tengo esta aplicación pero aquí me salió la opción de actualizar cuando actualicé mi aplicación de pronto se detuvo. Yo tengo un link de la aplicación original si quieren la puedo publicar aquí.... Por favor contesten.

nice app just the adds

Mucha publicidad!! debido a eso no se deja usar sale cada segundo, debe ser un seguro del creador

very good launcher

please fix this problem

viakab reklaame ette sellega 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

No downloaded app or built in apps open without an advertisement

no me instalo la apk. Cant install the apk

too many adds no apps open on the launcher pls fix

i love this app

uno de los mejores 😀(^v^)

is very good and I want updat thanks

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