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Download WiMic APK For Android, APK File Named bo.htakey.wimic And APP Developer Company Is hiroshi takey . Latest Android APK Vesion WiMic Is Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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You can use it on video conferences, video game voice chats, as a microphone for remote megaphone, or integrate on IoT devices. WiMic Android client works with the WiMic Server/Client throught Mumble protocol, so you can connect to Mumble servers too , download the WiMic Server/Client installer, on Windows: --------------------- on Raspberry Pi OS: -------------------------------- $ wget $ chmod +x $ source and wait until this finish, then reboot raspberry and WiMic will autostart in service mode. By default WiMic will use microphone on autostart mode, but if you want to use the speakers in autostart mode you can disable this doing: $ echo 1 > /system/urus/slotdata/wimic_mic_disabled.txt on Ubuntu/Debian: ------------------------------ Comming soon... Configuration and Documentation is available on: (Spanish) WiMic Android is a Free Software and Open Sourced, official repository is hosted on: NOTE: Some Android devices does not support 16000 Hz sampling rates, generating intermittent audio on the output audio server, if this is the case, select 48000 Hz frequency quality on the audio preferences.

From version WiMic 3.5.5-wimic :
Added: 2021-05-12 02:43:24
Modified: 2021-09-30 17:55:14
Updated: 2021-09-17 01:58:11

- Fixed push-to-talk issues on Android 10

- 40 ms frame packet by default

- 16000 bitrate by default.

- Battery consumption optimized.

- Echo canceller.

- Added Automatic Gain Control support.

- New intrinsic float point audio preprocess library (NEON)

- Performed for Raspberry Pi OS networks connections.

- Fixed 10 ms latency.

- Link up to 10 clients at the same time.

- 16000 Hz sample rate by default.

- Added DTMF tones for status connection.

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