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Aptoide is an open source independent Android app store that allows you to install and discover apps in an easy, exciting and safe way. Aptoide is community-driven and delivers apps through a social experience. It offers the chance for any user to create and manage their own store, upload their own apps, follow community recommendations and discover new content. Cant find a specific app on mainstream Android app stores? Aptoide probably has it! And dont worry: all the apps are checked for viruses, and we perform extra security tests to ensure your Android device is always safe. Aptoide is reinventing app distribution and discovery in a social and collaborative way. Join us in the revolution! With Aptoide you can: - Download your favorite Android apps privately and without signing up; - Find apps that are not available in other Android marketplaces; - Downgrade your apps to previous versions; - Create your store and choose its name, logo, and color theme; - Check out recommended apps and stores through Aptoide's unique apps timeline; - Follow other stores and know who is following you - don't worry, you can keep things private too; - Rate and review apps and stores, and reply to other users comments; - Share apps locally with your friends without the need of an internet connection.

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Added: 2011-12-23 07:37:31
Modified: 2020-01-10 19:18:04
Updated: 2020-01-19 01:59:53

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روعه 5نجوم

Yet you're saying saying this on APTOIDE

Thats becas you dont have enough space or aptoid disconected it it could also be that your network is just slow and i have noticed that aptoid downloads much slower than any another app installer

Just one time?


Oh me please and I'll do it in the bathroom to! PLEASE I NEED THIS.


sometimes it stops because you dont have a lot of space


isso é pq o bully n tem verificaçao de compra e o gta sim,pois o bully e mais recente e o gta mais antigo entendeu

Experimenta sacar a mesma versão da aplicação que quer de outra loja dentro do aptoide

Installe le porte feuille aptoide pour ne plus avoir de pub et achète toi un meilleur tel pour que ça arrête de ralentir...




i have updated the app from here but it does not get updated showing error while installing after 100 % download.

ترة مو بس هذا هو احسن متجر اكو واحد مثلة اسمة APKPure نزلة وماراح تندم

مشكلتك عندي لو تمسحة وترجع تنزلة لو تمسحة وتنتظر تنزل نسخة أو إصدار جديد

pero que pen no ven que su sell está realizando el proceso para no tener un pinche lag

grito aps que presizam pagar nao se paga é uma maravilha


ja tento atualizar

اكل خرة افضل تطبيق هاذا

fuck ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸 I'm lesbian

Are you using mobile data or Wi-Fi?


i agree white burns my eyes

ele atualiza loja de jogos

me puedes desir como a ti si te funciona Ami no. ಥ╭╮ಥ

معك حق

معك حق

aptoide es mejor que Google play y encima no son grupo de hackers ah y por cierto si no te sirve la app es porque tenes un móvil demasiado viejo

si ami igual ;^;

no meu é a mesma coisa também




dürfte ein allgemeines Problem sein selbst mit der neuen Version ist der Bug vorhanden

dürfte ein allgemeines Problem sein selbst mit der neuen Version ist der Bug vorhanden

it's not with my phone. I can download anything.

I agree.

I usually remove licenses with luckypatcher.

Плай Маркет после обновления стал говно медленно загрузает через час только 5прочентовчто

pero WTF :v

yo ya lo tenia cuando no conocia aptoide, me gasté dinero xd


quá lâu

vdd meu fico lixo quanto mais atualiza mais lixo ficato querendo baixar bully e não consigo aff

pior aplicativo de todos

لكن هذا التطبيق فيه كثير من الباتشات الكاذبة مثل باتش fts2019 نفس اللاعبين و الأطقم القديمة

si me a pasado y en ese caso lo que hago es bajar la versión un poco y así no te dará problema Bro pero te recomiendo esta 🙏

i have the old version and it works fine

6/22 is my bday not everyday you see a comment made on your bday and i downloaded a older version of aptoid and never update it lol but google took ant warz off of the playstore so aptiod i found it most apps work but the other half wont work bc of app licensing which is ghay

kkkkk verdeda pura


Si pero por lo menos sirve para aplicaciones con dinero no Hater

تطبيق رائع لكن أتمنى أنو يحمل العاب بسرعة

o que tem os jogos?!

u have the same problem over here

Ami igual

si sirve

hey I might be able to help.


مسيلمة الكذاب و أحتار من كذبك 😒

Hackers??? que idiotes!!!

جيد بس التحميل بطي

gone back to version 7.0.9 the newest versions are shit

can you send me a link to this aio thing


Si aptoide fuera "hacker" tu y muchas otras personas estuvieran hackeados 🤦‍♂️

Puede que tu teléfono vaya lento porque descargaste muchos juegos o archivos, y aptoide no es nada dañino

جيد لكنه تحميل بطيئ

احبك ابتويد لان تحميل كل شيء مجاني

مشكله نت


dòng thứ ngu, m thoát ra thì nó tắt ứng dụng mẹ r, tải đc cái qq à? thứ ko suy nghĩ mà viết bài như đúng r

ما اعرف بس عجبني

aplikasiini bagus tapi sayang saya tdk bisa tambah toko bagaimana caranya untuk tambah toko



o meu nn demora ou sua net é ruim ou vc é chato

Yes you right

حتى لو كانت هناك من خلال شهر نوفمبر الماضي من قبل أسبوع ويوم الحسين

😂😂😂😂 صدك اكتب عدل بالاول استاذ

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أيٌـ.YESـہٌَ و•اللّـہ̣̥ حتئ اني

Vai te fuder ;-;

I have got exactly the same problem. I thought that there may just have been a problem with my phone, but now I know that its not me. Thanks for the info.



Iată not Aptoide, it's Google security blocking it. turn it off, clean catch and Aptoide will work again as long as you do not turn on Google security. But also download a antivirus to replace Google security, because in the future Google will make a virus and blame it on apps like Aptoide to trick you and force you into only using Google play so that they from Google play by dirty means take over all the market.

excelente tienda la verdad es que me encanta todo el contenido que te ofrece esta tienda maravillosa de aptoide

ماذا تستفید من کزب الا غزب للە ؟؟

لیش تکزب ؟

Gimana caranya biar gratis? Kok punya saya tetap berbayar ya?

a mano vai pra escola porra

quando vê assim é aqls garoto de 6 anos q pega o cell da mãe pra baixar jogo e gasta toda a net dela...🙄🙄🙄

Yep that's what's going on with mine right now

حملي لاكي باتشر و شوفي ف اليوتيوب كيف تستخدمي لاكي باتشر عشان تحلي مشكلتك

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