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are you looking for magnetic sensor app ? EMF Radiation Detector ? gauss meter ? magnetometer or an offline compass App ? so this is your app. This Magnetic Sensor - EMF Radiation Detector / EMF Analyser ? is a magnetometer sensor app and magnetometer that will Detect x y z values of the electromagnetic field and electromagnetic radiation reading. It's designed for students You can use this for studying or experimentation purposes as EMF Radiation Detector or gauss meter. EMF Analyser electromagnetic radiation detector what is magnetic sensor : The Magnetometer in a phone detects the magnetic orientation of the phone in relation to the X, Y and Z axes in relation to the real world north direction beside electromagnetic field EMF . which is given yo you by magnetic sensor app - EMF Radiation Detector - gauss meter app what is x, y , z magnetic X : X the north component of the magnetic field; X is positive northward magnetic Y: the east component of the magnetic field; Y is positive eastward magnetic Z: the vertical component of the magnetic field vector; by convention Z is positive downward EMF meter strength value:emf rf detector gives you the electromagnetic field value EMF by microtesla its uses : magnetic sensor can be used as magnetic compass or metal detector or navigation , position tracking and anti theft systems also it can be used as electromagnetic detector EMF meter, EMF Analyser magnetometer sensor for android, or gauss meter app or magnetic sensor app -# features: -analog EMF Meter -accurate compass with the degrees to get your directions -Magnetic Field Sensor serves study purposes. -It uses the sensor already present in your smart phone. -Magnetic Field Sensor localizes the spots with the help of electric current flux. -Magnetic Field Detector measures axis like X, Y, and Z directions of the magnetic field easily. -It's a one-tap app. -It determines the origin and strength of magnetic field. -Magnetic Field Sensor detects the location of power supply. How to use Magnetic Field Sensor : Just open the app and starts working by clicking the given options. It is an easy-to-use app. There are no complicated options. you will find EMF detector, magnetic field sensor vectors and other options like check & fix magnetic sensor beside magnetic sensor and magnatometer checker to find out if you have magnetic sensor in your phone EMF Radiation Detector: this app just gives you the value of the strength of electromagnetic field EMF so it can be used as electromagnetic detector ( EMF Analyser , emf reader app,emf rf detector ,EMF Radiation Detector app ) or gauss meter app which displays electromagnetic wave measurements in microTesla uT EMF Radiation Detector sensor checker: this feature makes you able to check if you have magnetic sensor in you phone it's important for this app to work as an emf rf detector and gauss meter and all the features won't work try to fix: this option helps you to fix and repair the magnetic sensor in your device it has a chance to work try it if it work the emf detector and magnetic sensor and gauss meter will work again Note : If the phone do not have a built-in magnetic sensor , Magnetic Sensor ? emf rf detector won't work on your device. and EMF value and gauss value won't appear A magnetic sensor for your smartphone

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* Optimize the app

* Add analog EMF meter

* Replace the compass with a better one

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