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Download The Nest APK For Android, APK File Named com.bravagames.thenest And APP Developer Company Is Brava Games . Latest Android APK Vesion The Nest Is The Nest 1.1 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Defend Your Ground Against Giant Alien Spiders! The Nest takes you to a whole new level of pulse racing action, with 3 tension building battle scenarios that will make your gameplay more challenging and your shooting skills sharper. Alien Spiders have invaded earth. They emerge from Metallic Portals, “Nests”, taking city after city. You’re a lone, military trained sharpshooter protecting one of the few Communication Centers left; an abandoned Gantry with a single Radio Tower. Protect it at all costs! Deceptively Simple to play in the beginning yet tough to beat. Try it and find out for yourself! Battle Scenarios: •Defense Sniper: In the Defense Sniper Mode the object is to Sniper and eliminate all of the the Giant Spiders as they emerge from the Metal Alien Artifacts. Each new Wave and each new Level brings the appearance of an extra Metal Artifact and More Spiders that have to be killed before the clock runs out. Complete all ten levels and you unlock the Defense Tower Mode. •Defense Tower: Like the Defense Sniper Mode, you must Sniper and kill the Giant Spiders; however, in this Scenario you must protect your Radio Tower, your only source of communication. The Spiders will begin moving towards your Tower in order to destroy it. Like the Defense Sniper Mode, each new Wave brings on more and more Spiders. You have to Shoot through Heavy Fog eliminating each wave. Complete all ten levels and you unlock the Attack Shooter. •Attack Shooter: The Attack Shooter Mode puts you on the ground, Hunting down the Giant Spiders to eliminate them Face to Face. Find and eliminate each new Wave before the clock runs out and you WIN THE GAME! Download the game and try your skills!

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