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Free Solitaire game with unique reshuffle system. Aren't you getting bored with solitaire apps that all looks the same and does the same thing? FreeCell Solitaire Champion is different! This is the only solitaire game on Google Play that uses the innovative reshuffle feature allowing you to reshuffle your cards once you get in trouble. You earn 'reshuffle cards' while you progress the game and can use them as a 'get out of jail free cards' when you run out of ideas on what to do next. This is the classic FreeCell we all know from grandpa Windows with a novel twist making it fun to play for countless hours. FreeCell Solitaire Champion is ad-supported. Thanks to our sponsors this game can be totally free and we can keep working on improving it for you. Please take your time to rate us in Google Play. Drop us an e-mail if you want to suggest any feature or give us any kind of feedback.

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