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Download Advanced Download Manager APK For Android, APK File Named com.dv.adm And APP Developer Company Is DimonVideo . Latest Android APK Vesion Advanced Download Manager Is Advanced Download Manager 7.6 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

Advanced Download Manager APK Description

Features: - accelerated download by using multithreading (3 parts) - interception of links from the browser and a clipboard; - the icon of the program and loading progress in the notification panel; - the window over all windows with the list of running downloadings; - saving of files of different types in different folders; - sound and vibration after the download is complete; - resume after disconnect or restart the program; - more options in the settings. In pro version (no ads): - parallel downloading three files simultaneously; - accelerated download by using multithreading (9 parts) - planning of loading of files in due time. Add links from browser: - press on link and from a window "Complete action using" select the program (supported by Stock Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser, Chrome) - long press on a link to display the context menu, press "Share link" and from a window "Share via" select the program (supported by Firefox, Skyfire, Stock Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser), or press "Copy link" and service intercepts the link; - copy the link text (beginning on "http://" or "www") in an address line of the browser and service intercepts the link (supported by Maxthon) Control: - press on the download to start/stop the process; - press on the completed download to open the file; - long press on download to display the context menu. Widget: - click on the widget to launch the program; - if the program is running, click on the widget to start/stop the process; - If the scheduler works, widget displays the time to start/stop. NOTE: YouTube is not supported under the rules of Google. Does not support files larger than 2GB

From version Advanced Download Manager 7.6 :
Added: 2019-01-17 11:23:54
Modified: 2020-05-21 15:38:03
Updated: 2019-08-14 19:23:57

v. 3.5.9:

+ fixed bugs;

+ more supported file types.

v. 3.5.8:

+ new option Settings - Interface - Button "Search" in top menu;

+ confirmation when exiting program if there is running downloads.

v. 3.5.7:

+ new option Settings - Interface - Button "Exit" in top menu;

+ in title tabs "Queue" and "Finished" shows number of downloads;

+ after opening tabs program automatically rewinds list to last addedcompleted download.

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Update. I contacted the developer, which confirmed that the app was not an official release,. And it looks like he managed to get it removed from the Catappult store.




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