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Advanced Download Manager 5.0.0a

Malware Scan: TRUSTED
Package: com.dv.adm

Size: 1.34 MB

Rating: 4.57/5

This Updated: 2024-01-07 11:59:54

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Changes On 5.0.0a : v. 3.5.9:
+ fixed bugs;
+ more supported file types.
v. 3.5.8:
+ new option Settings - Interface - Button "Search" in top menu;
+ confirmation when exiting program if there is running downloads.
v. 3.5.7:
+ new option Settings - Interface - Button "Exit" in top menu;
+ in title tabs "Queue" and "Finished" shows number of downloads;
+ after opening tabs program automatically rewinds list to last addedcompleted download.

APK File Info:
APK: com.dv.adm.apk
MD5: 318c0d19eaa4374f1314a5d4475e07e5
Version Code: 50035
File Size: 1.34
Downloads: 334186

Developer Info:
Name: admtorrent.apk
Owner Signature: CN=Albert Gazetdinov
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