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Fluid Mechanics Formulas The app lists all the important Fluid Mechanics formulas. Its very useful for student to save valuable time. This App contains following formulas : Dry Bulk Density of Soil Specific Gravity with Water Weight Broad Crested Weir Flow Rate Rectangular Weir Flow Rate Specific Gravity of Water Bernoulli Equation with Head Loss Flow Rate Darcy Weisbach - Head Loss Fluid Pressure Absolute Pressure Bulk Modulus Compressibility Fluid Density with Pressure Mean Fluid Velocity - Hazen Williams Fluid Flow Rate - Hazen Williams Manning Flow Velocity Minor Losses Water Horsepower Pump Efficiency Net Positive Suction Head and Cavitation Stokes Law Venturi Meter Flow Rate Pressure Rating - Aluminum Pipe Pressure - Buried Corrugated Metal Pipe Thrust Pipe Wall - Buried Corrugated Metal Pipe Thrust Cross Sectional Area - Buried Corrugated Metal Pipe Thrust Chezy Flow Velocity Chezy Coefficient Darcys Law - Flow Rate, Hydraulic Conductivity, Gradient, Flow Cross Sectional Area Darcy's Law - Hydraulic Gradient, Pressure Head, Column Length Darcy's Law - Seepage Velocity, Darcy Flux, Flow and Voids Cross Sectional Area Darcy's Law - Flux, Hydraulic Conductivity and Gradient Darcy's Law - Seepage Velocity, Darcy Flux, Porosity Wall Thickness - Ductile Iron Pipe Ductile Iron Pipe - Internal, Working, Maximum Surge Pressure French Drain Seepage Rate, Permeability, Flow Line Slope Hydraulic Radius Orifice Flow Rate Parshall Flume Flow Rate Permeameter Porous Medium Flow Rate External Hydrostatic Pressure Pipe Soil Weight Pressure Pipe Water Buoyancy Factor Euler Number / Napier's constant Soil Load Per Linear Length Pipe Pipe Vacuum Pressure Load Plastic Pipe - Outside Diameter Controlled Plastic Pipe - Inside Diameter Controlled Plastic Pipe - AWWA C900 Pressure Class Plastic Pipe - Short Term Pressure Rating Plastic Pipe - Outside Diameter Controlled Short Term Strength Smooth Wall Steel Pipe - Pressure Rating, Stress, Thickness Specific Gas Constant, Molecular Weight Specific Volume, Density Area of Thrust Block, Thrust Force, Soil Bearing Pressure Unconfined Aquifer Well Design - Flow Rate Unrestrained Pipe Length Change Restrained Anchored Pipe Stress Water Hammer - Maximum Surge Pressure Head Acoustic Flowmeter Curb Gutter Flow Rate Curb Capture Flow Rate Gutter Interception Capacity Slotted Pipe Gutter Interception Gutter Capture Efficiency Gutter Carryover Reynolds Number Cauchy Number Cavitation Number Eckert Number Euler Number Froude Number Knudsen Number Lewis Number Mach Number Nusselt Number Peclet Number Prandtl Number Schmidt Number Sherwood Number Threshold Odor, Water Odor Causes, Odor Free Water Weber Number - Density, Velocity, Surface Tension Fourier Number, Thermal Diffusivity, Characteristic Time, Length Static Failure Analysis of Brittle Material Strouhal Number - Fluid Flow Dynamics Poiseuille's Law / Equation V-Notch Weir Discharge - Water Flow Rate Rectangular Weir Discharge Bernoulli Numbers Bazins Weir Flow Buoyant (Buoyancy) Force Engine Horsepower (HP) Vehicles Horse Power to Weight Ratio Torque Speed Proportional Navigation (PN) Kinematic Viscosity Critical Flow Fanno Line Flow Overall Efficiency of Pump or Fan Air Flow Rate Pump Suction Specific Speed calculator Specific Speed of Pump Electric Motor Efficiency Fanno Flow Fanno Parameter Oblique Shock Wave Relations Hydraulic Cylinder Pull Force Static Mixer Design Flow Rate Reynolds Number based on Kinematic Viscosity Hydraulic Pump Output Capacity Power Dissipated in Static Mixer Design Water Velocity BMEP Buoyancy formula for floating object Volumetric Flow Rate This is an app designed for Students for quick access to Fluid Mechanics Formulas. Fluid Mechanics formulas can be memorize. So here is a simple way to refer to them and sharpen your Fluid Mechanics skills.

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