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Download Капитал Шоу - Поле Чудес Ремейк APK For Android, APK File Named com.existical.capitalshow.ExisticalGames.CapitalShow And APP Developer Company Is Existical Games . Latest Android APK Vesion Капитал Шоу - Поле Чудес Ремейк Is Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Improved remake of the legendary game "Field of Wonders" in 1993 with Super Game! Feel like a participant in the popular TV quiz in the new Capital Show game! Capital Show is a remake of the popular computer game Field of Miracles, familiar to all of us since childhood! Guess the words on the topic suggested by the host and win money and prizes. After you win all three rounds of the main game, you have the opportunity to play the Super Game and win super prizes including a Car, Motorcycle and even a Tank or Submarine! The game will delight you with colorful hand-drawn graphics in the style of pixel art of the 90s, and as musical accompaniment you will hear light motives of summer jazz from the famous Hollywood composer Kevin McLeod. Play in any of eight unique locations: * "Sunny Sochi" - enjoy the sun, sea and palm trees in a location inspired by the game Leisure Suit Larry 7. * "Magic Forest" is a picturesque and very colorful location in a fairytale style. * "Lunar Base" - an entertaining fantastic location with many animated elements. * "Halloween Party" - a picturesque location in a haunted cemetery. * "Cyberpunk 2083" - Location from the future inspired by sci-fi movies and games. * "Autodump" is an unusual and very picturesque place with an alternative host, a cool biker Valera, who seems to have come to us from the Full Throttle universe. * "New Year's Eve" - ​​a new festive snow location. * "Kremlin Dungeons" - a remake of the classic studio from the DOS game Field of Miracles. Choose your opponents according to your taste: * "Forest Brotherhood" * "Juniors" * "Hipsters" All opponents have different IQ levels and behave like real live players. There are three dictionaries in the game: * "Classic" - a sample of 1994, identical to the DOS dictionary of the game Field of Miracles, which was deliberately added to the game without changes and with the preservation of all spelling errors present in the original game Field of Miracles by Vadim Bashurov in 1994. * "Modern" - based on the Classic Dictionary, from which all topics and words that have lost their relevance have been removed, and both completely new topics (Transport, Internet, Computers, Construction and Repair, Accounting, Space, etc.) and new words have been added into already existing topics. * "Child" - adapted for the youngest players. Separate record statistics are kept for each dictionary in the game. The game is actively developed and updated periodically. Each update adds new features, additional content and fixes. More awesome new features are on the way for the future! Post reviews and suggest your ideas. :)

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