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Download Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free APK For Android, APK File Named com.facebook.orca And APP Developer Company Is Facebook . Latest Android APK Vesion Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free Is Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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The Messenger app allows you to connect with your family and friends via message or call without having to pay for each message, since it works with your internet data plan. Brought to us by Facebook, with this app you can text or call your friends, create group chats and take in-app photos and videos. This app isn't exclusive to your Facebook friends. You can also add contacts from your phone or enter the number you wish to contact to reach them. Once you have the app, you just need to login to your Facebook account and you'll be able to access all the app's features. Create group chats by adding your friends to the same conversation and adding a group name and photo to personalised your groups and give them character. Also, you can send photos and videos without having to leave the app to record them. Just tap the photo or video button, record what you want and send it! Messenger provides free calls to all over the world. By using WiFi you won't need to pay for each call as all the conversations are held using the internet. Please note that if you're using standard data, charges may apply. Express yourself by using stickers, preview your media gallery without leaving the app and choose which you want to send, receive and send voice messages and use Chat Heads to keep the conversation going even if you leave the app. Messenger also provides more features such as searching for people or groups, knowing when your message has been seen, seeing who's online and many others! Download the app now and don't miss another message!

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Now you can see your call history and missed calls—all in one place.

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