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Download Star Fleet Trycorder APK For Android, APK File Named com.globetech.ultimate.trycorder And APP Developer Company Is cpp bds-2e355cb78c0dc7f39811a3d4bd268250 . Latest Android APK Vesion Star Fleet Trycorder Is Star Fleet Trycorder 9.3.1 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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With this Star Fleet Trycorder, You can do the following: * Look, feel, and sound like the federation Star Fleet Trycorder. * Fits in your pocket, so you can beam out on demand. * Scan your environment, temperature, pressure, light, magnetic, gravity, orientation,... * Control the device by voice-command. (Press top left, and say "fire" or "beam me up" for example) * Take pictures and recordings from your findings on new planets. * Remote control your own starship, fire, communications, shields, transporter, viewer, ... (You have to provide the starship, and make sure it is on the wifi router that you use). * Consult logs of operations. View the pictures and recordings you got back from your away mission. * View Magnetic, Orientation, Gravity, Temperature sensors values drawn in the sensor area. * View Phaser, Torpedo, Transporter operation in your sensor screen. * View Shields, Communication Waveform, Tractor Beam sensor animation on your sensor screen. * The application is usable in space, provided your phone is space-proof, and you wear a space-suit. * The application can be adapted easily for different starships remote protocols. * For captains only: Crew Information and Evaluation module. (to be found under logs/crew) (Contacts access) * For the first time in versions following the 4.Pi (ie:4.3.141592) , The Star Fleet Trycorder is connecting with a central server who receive every orders from planetary Star Fleet Trycorders. Those orders are logged, and executed on the server. (Some Text-To-Voice system here translate your action into an audible message on the bridge (the development computer area)) :-) The Main Intelligence of the central server can respond to you. * And many more to come ...
 Remember: Every button has a function, and every surface is used and clickable. some functions may not be obvious, like speech recognition that you activate by clicking in the top left corner in the curve. (just try "computer fire" , "computer beam me up", "computer shields" , or read the source code for a complete list of words who trigger actions. The Star Fleet Trycorder contains more than 100 operating buttons, 15 animations, dozens of sounds, around 8 sensors, speech recognition and voice interaction, and a captains-only crew evaluation and information module. Have FUN !!! For those who have a Force-Close on first opening, make sure your android device is setup this way. Have Google Text-to-Speech installed and running in default us-english (and more if you need) Have Google voice recognition active for us-english (and more if you need) Have Google map installed (optional but nice to locate yourself on the current planet) Have Location service Enabled (GPS) Have Wifi operational (for info about your internet connection in the info panel, and location service) Allow all six permissions that the application ask for.

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