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We live in a connected world in which is important to keep updated and in touch with our friends and acquaintances. With that, social media became increasingly important over the last few years, as they provide a simple way to stay connected in a world where globalisation get more important by the day. Google+ provides you just that: a platform to keep you connected and in touch with friends around the world and to be a part of an online community that shares the same interests and believes as you. You can explore different topics and join communities to talk about important issues or things that are relevant to you, but you can also explore the platform and discover people you don't know that believe in the same things you do or with whom you can discuss different topics. Google+ lets you create collections of subjects and things you love, therefore keeping all your interests organised. You can also build a stream of content that you love and reach it at any time. To start using Google+ you have to create an account after downloading the app. Choose a profile picture and write a little description about yourself so that people get to know you better. Have fun and start exploring!

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Added: 2013-02-07 19:43:47
Modified: 2018-10-05 19:55:42
Updated: 2018-10-15 19:03:59

• Performance enhancements & bug fixes

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Google+ said Google Play services is not supported by my tablet.

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Thank you

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Será que eu poderia fazer um teste, só para confirmar se de fato é tão gostoso assim?

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réinstallation Google


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tengo una pregunta, mi G+ se buguea mucho y cada vez que voy a las notificaciones se me traba,bueno la pregunta es...¿Si actualizo mi G+ perderé mi cuenta y mis datos?....


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Better than Facebook for tech junkies

Better than Facebook for tech junkies

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oie zcoelha

me gusta mucho esta aplicación y es una de las mejores


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what happen this aptoide hindi ako maka, update may plastore nga ako pero wala padin help me guy..

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I trust in Google+ What about you guys

Pude cambiar el nombre de mi canal

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