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Download 看书神器-小说阅读器,海量资源想看就看 APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is 阅天下科技公司 . Latest Android APK Vesion 看书神器-小说阅读器,海量资源想看就看 Is 看书神器-小说阅读器,海量资源想看就看 5.0.20180914 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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1.完全免费!郑重承诺永久无积分,真正免费; 2.最新书城!所有热门小说一网打尽,实时更新,真正追书神器; 3.最全书库!分类应有尽有,网罗所有网文; 4.功能丰富!多彩主题、多种字体、仿真翻页、无限制书签……等你来发现; 5.基于小说和专题打造书友圈!用户可以一起聊天,探讨作品; 6.支持听书,解放双手双眼,沉浸书海; 7.自动阅读,3种自动阅读模式总有一款适合你; 8.横屏阅读,独家阅读体验,让阅读更舒适; 9.贴心的用户云书架,多设备同步书架和阅读进度; 10.站外txt小说下载,本地txt小说导入,wifi传书; 1. Completely free! Solemn commitment to permanent non-integral, really free; 2. The latest bookstores! A clean sweep of all popular fiction, real-time updates, real chase book artifact; 3. The most complete library! Everything classification, involving all network packets; 4. The feature-rich! Colorful themes, multiple fonts, simulation flip, unlimited bookmarks ...... waiting for you to discover; 5. Based on the novel ring to create a book club and special! Users can chat, discuss works; 6. Support listen to the book, hands free eyes, immersed in the sea of ​​books; 7. automatic reading, three kinds of automatic reading mode there is always a right for you; 8. The horizontal screen reading, exclusive reading experience, make reading more comfortable; 9. intimate cloud user shelves, bookcases and reading multiple device synchronization progress; Txt novel download station 10. The outer, local txt novel introduced, wifi Chuanshu;

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