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Download Lotus Zipper Lock Screen APK For Android, APK File Named com.latestzipperlockscreen.lotuszipperlockscreen And APP Developer Company Is Latest Zipper Lock Screen . Latest Android APK Vesion Lotus Zipper Lock Screen Is Lotus Zipper Lock Screen 1.2 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Remarkable photos of wonderful lotus flowers can embellish the look of your screen. You will definitely stand out from the rest of your friends. With the latest Lotus Zipper Lock Screen you can enjoy marveling at the gorgeous pond filled with koi fish from the comfort of your home. Sit by the water and forget all your problems while the colorful plants charm you with their stunning look. Delightful fish will brighten your day every time you reach to touch the zipper lock screen. This cool application can always tell you time and date as well as the state of your battery. You can also write your name on the foreground. By setting your favorite color and font for them you can personalize the look of your device. Download the popular Lotus Zipper Lock Screen free of charge and turn your smartphone into a place for relaxation. Every time you are unlocking your zipper lock screen these photos will take you to a soothing place. Sit by the lake filled with splendid water lilies and let their charming color make you feel at ease. Throw pebbles into the water for fun and make circles. With the top Lotus Zipper Lock Screen at your disposal are so many options for customizing your device. After you have chosen your favorite foreground and background, there is an option of selecting the style and color of the zipper. So many different types of hooks are there, so you wouldn’t know which one to pick. For example, you will get a totally new look of your fancy zipper lock screen if you use a cute star. Observe how reed sways in the wind and follow the movement of feathery clouds in the sky. With the free zipper lock screen application your device will become a floral paradise. Before you set everything the way you like it, you can preview all your elected settings. Would you like your phone to vibrate while you are dragging the zipper to unlock the picture? With the best Lotus Zipper Lock Screen this is also possible. Features: - Best security for your smartphone - Fantastic application that is easy to use - Popular foregrounds and backgrounds which are at your disposal The latest Lotus Zipper Lock Screen will help you keep your smartphone safe and secure. Never again will you have to worry about clicking something accidentally. This cool application will help you lock and unlock your phone screen by zip. You can customize the look of it in the setting menu. Browse the popular foregrounds and select the one you would like to see first. If you want there is an option to select one of the wonderful photos from your own gallery, thus your favorite picture will always be there to make your day. When you drag the zipper to unlock your smartphone, top backgrounds will appear behind the chain. The same rules as for choosing the foregrounds apply here. You will be thrilled every time you unlock your screen. One of the very best characteristics about this new app is that you are allowed to choose the form of the zipper and to adjust the chain according to your taste. Have fun while setting everything to your liking. You will never run out of battery because this zipper locker for screen will always show you how much is left. Find out what is the time and date before pulling down the hook. Don’t hesitate, but grab your device now and get the best Lotus Zipper Lock Screen for free! How it works: - Enable or disable zip locker app from the setting menu - Get a stylish zipper and change the color of the chain - Put the name, time and date and have a reminder for the status of your battery - Unzip the photo to unlock your screen
From version Lotus Zipper Lock Screen 1.2 :
Added: 2016-08-29 11:46:38
Modified: 2016-08-29 11:46:39
Updated: 2016-08-30 00:25:35

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