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Download Greenify APK For Android, APK File Named com.oasisfeng.greenify And APP Developer Company Is Oasis Feng . Latest Android APK Vesion Greenify Is Greenify 3.8.5 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

Greenify APK Description

Connect your Android device to thousands of FreeWiFi access points across France Connect your Android device automatically to thousands of FreeWiFi access points across France. ☆NEW☆ You can now use the map to search for FreeWiFi access points! Please report bugs or problems by email. Warnin
From version Greenify 3.8.3 :
Added: 2017-04-30 16:10:11
Modified: 2017-11-08 17:40:15
Updated: 2017-11-12 15:52:36

Rebuilt most UI with Material Design.

Fully compatible with Android 5.0 (root mode requires newest version of SuperSU)

Improved stability in root mode.

Reduced package size.

Android Greenify Screen 1Android Greenify Screen 2Android Greenify Screen 3Android Greenify Screen 4Android Greenify Screen 5

The best app ever. Before greenify I used a lot of others battery saver , and none of them really helped my battery life, my battery kept draining especially ocer night(more than 10percent drain over night) but now with greenify it drains not more than 3percent over night ,that's mean only 3percent for more than 9 hours. Thanks to Greenify. And that's why i rated it with 5 stars.

Nice application

makes phone faster

improve battery life and fast performance

smart n cool


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look..i have already installed greenify and lucky patcher but i don't know the donation package and i can't install it :/


una de las pocas aplicaciones que cumplen con lo que ofrece

ini udah patched belum min?

Its v2.8 Beta 8 unlocked all experimental fearures

please dont download this fucking app my tab has decreased its battery life

The new version still works with the donation package. All you have to do is: 1) Install Greenify. 2) Install the Donation Package 3) Open Greenify but don't do anything 4) Open Lucky Patcher and Parch the Donation Package with the option: Create a license. Would upload photo here if I could for proof

why is this not available in playstire yet


2.6.2 crach on galaxy s5

download error

apk doesn't exist!


is the best 💜

Root erforderlich

this is not donate pack

this is free edition, not the donate one

it's very smart....

really usefull because it closed application in background

thank you downloading

Crashes with atopide. Cant use atopide after running the app.

No luck for me

As of 11-3-14, this is the latest version of Greenify that is patchable with Lucky Patcher.

Anyway to patch the new versions?

yes can you patch it now?

good app to save resources!

1. Uninstall every Greenify version plus donation version 2. Install Greenify from this store 3. Profit 4. Donate to Greenify creators, search them in XDA

After the last update lucky patcher don't work

You don't need lucky patcher or donation package that's why it have different signature..

Checked and this apk does not have the correct signature.

Not possible to install over previous beta. Fake?

Does what says....👍

قناتي على BBM C0019156B

no se q pasa! cuando le doy al icono para hibernar se queda congelada mi pantalla

srry I meant 2.4

2.3 build 1 working flawlessly .. thnx

???? Como de la 2.3.1 salta a la 2.4.1??? Esta es real??

And very useful for battery life

Great app, very useful for smartphone less than 1Gb RAM

Trabaja excelente, lo que quiero saber como es que llega la actualización aquí primero que en la pagina oficial de XDA?

Excelente aplicación

desde la versión 2.2 (build 3) no funciona bien con el donation package no se ven las aplicaciones de sistema para invernar...

thank you! guys download lucky patcher then patch it! you don't need the donation key!

This version is all good.. Beta release also available through the author's xda page

Good for rooted user

thanks for program

Upgrade User interface plz it looks like the vintage programme

Works no problems on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet.

Attention! The latest official version released until today is the 1.97.

can you update donation package to November 3, 2013?

.:: Instructions ::. 1. Download latest Greenify version 2. Use Lucky Patcher 3.6.2 or more and use custom patch for Greenify 3. Install Greenify (Donation Version) 4. Enjoy ;) ----------------------------------------------

Not working

update donation key its not working with latest version of greenify

does not work past beta 1. 2 and 3 cannot be patches properly still says cannot verify license

experimental features not working even use latest key, btw can you release greenefy key v2.1 latest build October 10, 2013?

still not working with latest key :(

hi mark8, can you update greenify donation key to build 6 oct 2013?

Premium features available. No keyfile needed.

Not Work donation version.....:(

@mark8 for some reason I'm always finding myself installing the same version from u after I have already updated it.

working fully :)

install Greenify,Greenify donation,Xposed Installer. Use Lucky Patcher patch Greenify (Donation) app, then run Greenify (Donation) app

New Install: install Greenify,Greenify donation,Xposed Installer. Open Xposed Installer select Install/Update. Reboot. Open Xposed Installer again, select Modules. Check Greenify v1.9 Beta 2 (in this case if you dont have Greenify Donation, you still cant greenify system apps. Reboot. Open Greenify. If you can Greenify system apps, then this app is working. Note: Xposed Installer (Xposed Framework) works in almost all roms, except MIUI rom. So you cant use this app in MIUI.

LOL Fake. Here's the changelog from Google Play v1.85 beta 3 (beta channel only) FIX: GCM patch is not working on Android 4.1.x. ADD: Tasker plugin now support per-app hibernation.

v1.85b3 is a fake! last Version on dev site is still 1.85b2

Need Arabic language ..

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