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Download Rocket Royale APK For Android, APK File Named com.onetongames.rocketroyale And APP Developer Company Is OneTonGames . Latest Android APK Vesion Rocket Royale Is Rocket Royale 1.5.6 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

Rocket Royale APK Description

Rocket Royale is one of a kind Battle Royale game, the main goal is to build a Rocket and fly away from the island! To do this you need to find crafting resources from falling meteors. Of course other players will want to hijack your rocket, so defend it! Collect wood and Build a Fort to defend your positions. The unique battle royale game reveals a lot of tactics by crafting and building covers around you! 100% destructible environment, every building can be destroyed or dismantled! Rocket Rocket Royale has no parachutes or shrinking dead zones, but you can use portals to navigate your way around the island instead. Rocket Royale multiplayer offers Solo, Duo and Squad up to 3 players per team. All players are real people online, no fake bots! There is a lot of content to discover: characters, hammers, avatars, custom rockets, even dances! Progress by gaining XP and levelling up and compete in global Leaderboards! The game requires less than 100 MB without additional downloads, and very well optimized for low-end devices! Features: - Unique Rocket Battle Royale gameplay. - Everything is destructible! Real Sandbox mode. - Craft Defenses, Forts, Towers, Sky Bridges, anything possible! - Real-time fast-paced 25-Players online matches! - Play with your friends online, connect to your friend game via friend list. - Highest FPS (frames-per-second) you can get! - Tons of items and weapons to loot! - Large open world battlefield. Are you ready to be creative, act smart and cause massive destruction? Welcome to Rocket Royale! Here is the promo code for a free reward: XXXYYZZZ Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

From version Rocket Royale 1.5.6 :
Added: 2019-01-27 18:49:55
Modified: 2019-01-27 18:49:56
Updated: 2019-02-04 09:12:52

- Added change controls layout screen. Added support for left handed controls.

- Added new 79 new characters! Added skin color setting.

- Added new achievements.

- Leagues tweaks and improvements.

- Shotguns close combat have been improved.

- Graphics enhancements, stars and clouds added (only for high graphics settings)

- Added night lights into the buildings.

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