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Save Me control your apps free
Version: 2.4 (29)

Package: com.serveme.savemyphone
4.34 MB (4551858 bytes)
Target: Gingerbread 2.3 - 2.3.2 API level 9, NDK 5
Uploaded 2017-04-21T11:44:15+00:00 by hadi120

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version 2.3 1- change background from Save Me settings 2- control notifications 3- Fix cache problem 4- Fix SD card problem 5- Speed up opening Save Me 6- Fix other problems version 2.3.2 Fix bug prevent running apps version 2.3.3 Fix bugs version 2.3.3 Fix bug happened when update app which in Save Me allowed apps FIx other bugs version 2.3.5 Fix bugs add new settings Enhance SaveMe performance

How many times given your mobile to friend supposing he is seeing movie and surprised he is posting on your social account? How many times given your phone to your child to play his favorite game and surprised he is doing international call? How many times given your mobile to brother to doing call and surprised he is checking your email address? Are you a parent who want to control your child / children activities on tablet device? You maybe unable to refuse giving your phone to your friends or you may be embarrassed but still afraid they violating your privacy. You maybe unable to prevent your kid / kids from using your mobile to play his favorite game but the idea of deleting your data or making a call by mistake is a big problem for you ! You maybe unable to prevent your child / children form using their tablet but you want to do parental control on apps they used. You maybe want to prevent your kid / kids from using inappropriate apps but you want them to read books. You want the others to use your phone but without answer your calls. Are you want to feel safe? and to feel secure? From here, our application idea arose This application will give you the ability to control your mobile, save your privacy , doing all kind of parental controls ,no one can answer calls except you , finally manage the apps appear to the others as you want. How to use Save Me? 1- Activate administrator permission Note: we ask for this permission to be sure you are the owner of the device. 2- Unlock your device and continue 3- Choose your pattern to lock your device -these three steps for first time only- 4- choose app/apps you want friend/family/child to see or use -all apps blocked / disabled on start- 5- click on lock button to enter protected mode 6- Now you can see the allowed apps and you can not use others 7- Finally give your phone to friend/family/child and have productivity privacy, love and make your child happy Features: 1- Control apps shows for others 2- Disallow home button 3- Disallow back button 4- Prevent disallowed apps to run even form notification bar or allowed apps 5- Pattern for the device Note: Access to blocked apps even If one of the allowed apps tried to open blocked app will be preventing. keywords: LG g2 , guest mode, care kids, app lock, kid lock ,private mode, lock screen Twitter: Facebook:

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