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Download Glitter App Lock APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is Thalia Ultimate Photo Editing . Latest Android APK Vesion Glitter App Lock Is Glitter App Lock 1.6 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Do you need protection for your phone or tablet which is super efficient, beautiful, girly and, most of all, free? Guess what! Our brand new app – Glitter App Lock – is just what you are looking for! Tons of fascinating sparkling particles in all shades of pink, sprinkled all over your screen, will make it stylish and elegant, and the app will save your private data like messages, chats and pics from the unwanted looks of your parents or nosy friends. Just set a pin code to be your password, set the features, choose a glitter theme and enjoy the feeling of safety and carelessness. Anyone who tries to peek into your phone will be able only to stare at the beautiful girly wallpaper and its glitter art, because you are the only one who can swipe and open the phone's contents. There is no reason to hesitate any longer, try out all the pink glitter backgrounds and decide which one will be your favorite for today. Download Glitter App Lock and don't you ever worry about the protection of your phone! How to set your new “lock screen”: 1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box; 2. Enter your password and then and reenter the same password for confirmation; 3. Now you can customize your lock screen theme: ⁛ Set your background (choose among 6 images)! ⁛ Choose am/pm or 24h time setting! ⁛ Turn date on/off! ⁛ Choose the date format on display! ⁛ Show or hide battery! ⁛ Enjoy while the data on your mobile is safe and protected! Finest glitter lock for mobile phones and tablets is finally here! Don't miss the opportunity to have a sparkly pink app lock with password which will keep the photos and chats away from all those intruders who like investigating other people's stuff and gossiping. It's more than a simple theme app – it is the cutest girly pink lock screen which everyone will envy you on. Gentle, but fabulous – that's who you are, and that's what your “pin lock screen” should be like as well! So download a theme manager with the most beautiful glitter wallpaper for your pink locker and ensure that your smart device is as cute as you! Dress it in the most glimmering pink glitter and it will look as magical as if it has just come out from a fairy tale! ⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛ Once you download and set Glitter App Lock, you only have to slide to unlock and enter the pin you've created, and the access to your smartphone will be enabled. If “pink glitter” is your thing, and you've already found glitter keyboard themes to type your love messages on, then all what is left for you to do is download a theme launcher with a “lock screen password” and make sure that everything in your phone matches your personality. That is why we included a great number of glitter lock screen wallpapers so that you never get bored with one and the same. A theme changer which comes with the phone can often be uninteresting, but luckily you got a chance to have a perfect “glitter lock screen” of stylish design and carefully chosen colors; what are you waiting for, then? Go download our lock screen wallpaper for free! ⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛⁚⁛ The browsing through the “lock screen apps free” is finally finished, a perfect glitter app which contains “glitter wallpapers and backgrounds” for your cute pink lock screen is just what you need. No additional theme launcher apps are needed, if you already have a “theme for tablet” or mobile with pink glitter, download a pink lock screen wallpaper as well and have a perfect combination! Exploit this free theme download and you won't regret it because you will be stunned with the beauty and efficiency of this “pink lock screen”. We can talk about “Glitter App Lock” for hours and hours, but if you download it, it will speak for itself. Go get it now!

From version Glitter App Lock 1.6 :
Added: 2020-02-14 10:09:27
Modified: 2020-02-14 10:09:27
Updated: 2020-02-14 10:09:28

- Performance improved

- Check SMS and missed calls notifications on locker

- Answer your calls without unlocking your phone first

- Thank you for using our app, keep the feedback coming!

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