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Download Doms Diagnostic Tools APK For Android, APK File Named dms.pastor.diagnostictools And APP Developer Company Is Dominik Symonowicz . Latest Android APK Vesion Doms Diagnostic Tools Is Doms Diagnostic Tools 5.4 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Did you have accident crash test with your mobile ? Fancy to know, is everything is work? Do you want check information about device , find out is everything is working?If yes,then try my app. [Gibberish ,Small footprints and other Warnings] # This is HOBBY PROJECT. It is NOT a professional program. I do this for fun and learning purposes. You can find better softwares on Google play, that does jobs better and they are more reliable than my program,but my program always try do job well,so give a try. # It is intended for advance user. It should be safe to use for everybody including beginners, but is not idiot proof. # It is an UGLY designed program as my graphic design skills are as good as Justin Bieber songs. # It is runnable on all known and unknown devices (Acer, Alcatel , Archos, Asus, Coolpad, Flytouch , HTC, Hisense, Huawei, Miromax, Motorola, NEC, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba , Zte)with orginal or genetically modified android OS. # It is a good idea to do backup before use this program.Reason is that it will will save your life in future (because sh** can happen to your device anytime,anywhere) and my program will NOT harm your device/OS.backups are good.Do them.Just in case. # I don't care about stars and reviews as they have no use for me. I care about constructive feedback and honest opinions. If you can send them via "Email developer" or send report when program crashes,then THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE. # Program was tested on animals,but they didn't care . # Program is sutable for vegans. # Allergy warnings. I like eat nuts,so some trace of nuts can be found in source code. ABOUT PROGRAM: Program contains serval utilities that: - Shows information about various software/hardware components (so you can know specification ). - Monitoring changes (so you can know how strong singal of mobile network, wireless connection is in your area and etc.); - Test, is all functions works; - Scan and diagnose potential problems (detect defective/dead pixel , battery problems and etc.) with and possible solution , where possible; - Help you to set various settings in android OS; and logs some of your results(they can be copied to clipboard or save to SD card). This program shows infos, diagnose device, recognize potential issues ( and give you possible solution , where possible) , monitor and test various hardware components in your device and help you to set various settings in android OS.It logs your results(that you can copy to clipboard or save to SD card. It shows information about: * display - detect dead/defective pixel - brightness - contrast - screen resolution * hardware features: It shows list of all hardware features detected on your device. It tests and shows information about: bluetooth , camera (front/back), GPS, keyboard, microphone, speakers, touch , multi touch, Wi-Fi detect, touchscreen, multi touch screen, USB (host and accessories), vibration and volume control. * It shows information and test external memory (SD card) * Sensor: It shows information ( vendor, power consumption , current values and other stuff) for following sensors: accelerometer, compass, gravity, gyroscope, humidity, light, linear acceleration, pressure , proximity, rotation vector and temperature * network: It shows information ,state and test various networks connection types (bluetooth ,ethernet ,mobile , wifi); * camera: - flash light * Tools: - display info about phone,sim card,netowrk operator, android OS, battery, CPU (cores and their frequencies), hardware, screen resolution, SD cards, RAM and etc. - fix screen burn in/ghosting issue. (WARNING. it removes "ghosting image persistence" occurring "at the moment".IT DOESN"T SOLVE PROBLEM permanently as problem is cause by display physical mechanics that cannot be solved programmatically). More information can be found here:

From version Doms Diagnostic Tools 5.4 :
Added: 2015-04-11 17:22:14
Modified: 2016-10-01 14:55:19
Updated: 2017-01-12 21:24:18

I did some bug fixes and improvements.

More new feature will come soon :)

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