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Download SuperSU APK For Android, APK File Named eu.chainfire.supersu And APP Developer Company Is Chainfire . Latest Android APK Vesion SuperSU Is SuperSU 2.82 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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The access management tool of the future SuperSU is one of the world’s most famous root-only apps. It acts like a security guard for your phone, helping you manage permissions and ensure apps don’t overstep their boundaries. Great compatibility and no ads make this app a crowd favorite. SuperSU keeps track of which apps you've granted root permissions to and will automatically grant those permissions again the next time you run that app. You can always go back and see which apps you've granted root permissions to, revoke them, or see how frequently they use it. You can even use SuperSU to temporarily unroot your device and the app even works when Android isn't properly booted, giving you a great tool to troubleshoot issues if your phone is stuck in boot loops. The tool will also log how often those apps request root, whether they do so in the background, and even works even in recovery mode. IMPORTANT: In order to make SuperSU work you need to root your phone. Rooting can be done through two methods: using Android Application Package (APK), which is usually provided by 3rd party rooting service; or manually granting root access (can be achieved in recovery mode).
From version SuperSU 2.82 :
Added: 2018-02-17 12:04:06
Modified: 2018-02-17 12:04:06
Updated: 2018-04-19 14:26:33

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bonne application utile

bonne application utile


Flash zip found on xda via recovery

تحت اتجربه

في روت ل نظام 6.0.1

روعه روعه ١٠

gila apa niorang

lscgdlvg hsbcjsvg

مع تحياتي

افضل روت للتلفون من دون كمبيوتر

ao للللللللليييي

جيد بالنسبة لي

supersu memang hebat

انا يااخي ما اعرف اعمله قولي علي الطريقه

اشلون كيف يعني؟؟؟

كيف استخدمه


supercool and supercheat

Thanks for the beta build!

The wow Thank sorry :(

يوجد مشكل


كيف يستعمل هدا هل من احد يسا عدني و شكراااا

فهموني اذا وش روت كيف استعملوا

شكرا للبرنامج

هلا الفكرة سهلة يا كاظم

انا مش عارف اشغله حد يعرف

work well hhhhhhhhhhhh

this app is last version of supersu pro pathed!


كيف احمل الروت

شكرا جزيلا السوبر قوي وفعال،لروت واللي،مايعرف يروت انا علي اوريه اسهل الطرق

gak bisa nyesel jelek

شلون عليك الله


merci ça marche bien

ROOT ??????

شباب ما عم يتحدث

Jogo top recomendo

Is your phone rooted with TWRP?

هاذ أحسن برنامج

Version 2.74 Very Recommended! Watch SuperSU XDA Thread☺

الحمدلله الكيت طريقه اثبته وافعله بدون لابتوب

البرنامج مايعمل روت لكنه بعد عمل روت يجب تنصيب برمامج سوبر اس و تحديث ملفاته

not work in my phone why

ok thanks you so much

زي الروت كويس

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