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Download Forest: Horror, Survival Game! 1.5 APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is Piotr T. . Latest Android APK Vesion Forest: Horror, Survival Game! Is Forest: Horror, Survival Game! 1.5 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Download Forest: Horror, Survival Game!.apk android apk files version 1.3.3 Size is 16514052 md5 is 05ff04d9b8fdb4e7e243d57b00854751 By Piotr T. This Version Need Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 - 4.0.2 API level 14, NDK 7 or higher, We Index Version From this file.Version code 14 equal Version 1.3.3 .You can Find More info by Search forest.main On Google.If Your Search forest,main,action,forest:,stay,alive! Will Find More like forest.main,Forest: Horror, Survival Game! 1.3.3 Downloaded 709 Time And All Forest: Horror, Survival Game! App Downloaded Time. Forest - You, forest and mysterious wall. You need to survive how you will do that? Building normal camp? Or you will start nomadic way of life? It's up to You! AND REMEMBER BE AWARE OF GUARDIANS. Features: -Big map with various objects -Building system -Hunting system -Farming system -Unique crafting system -Story Extra descriptions & stories: Forest horror-survival, you're a kidnapped by other civilization, you have to survive. They want to check if mankind is still able to survive in their natural enviroment. Prove yourself what you can do build your camp, craft and show them you are the survivalist! Cold night, yes that was cold night my psyche is not in the best condition. Why they want to catch me? I need to stay away from them I have one mission survive, craft... survive, craft, I need to stay hidden in forest. Who I'am? Where I'am? Why there is a wall? Why I'am in forest? I want... I don't even know what I want... I need to stay alive. Maybe in this forest is some food, maybe I can craft something, maybe there is chance for me to survive? Day 40... Why this forest is so perfectly flat? When I look on the left side I see wall, when I look at the right side I see wall, everywhere where I will look I see wall. IT'S A MADNESS! Mmm I'am hungry it's time for hunting... Rats, rats, rats where are you? I only want to hunt you little monsters don't be scared of me I'am only a helpless human which is trying to survive. Forest is survival horror game where you have only one job... STAY ALIVE! Eat, drink, hunt, sleep, repeat. **heavy breathing** Why I always have to run away from these guradians? Maybe it's just some horror movie scenery and I'am just actor who have hallucinations? I really want to believe in this... I haven't seen food for days GOD PLEASE give me something, why my life in one night turned into horror? Ahh... another day same thing. Wake up, try to survive, craft or build something. No! Not today! I'am going to be a... farmer! Yes farmer! Let's go find some potato or carrot seeds that will be awesome! *after 5 hours* Okay! Now I have to plant them and I will ofically became a farmer! I will sit and wait until my seed will grow big and strong! Waterrrrr! I need water, I have desert inside my mouth my thirst feel is over 9000! Why there is so little water sources?! Without this you can't survive, you can't exist! Hey I can get a little amount of water from forest fruits which I will eat, yes I'am a genius! Farming it really makes me calm! I just love it but it is really hard work. When you are a farmer you have to look after your plants 24 hours per day! But over there surrounded by wall I can't find anything better to do than farming. I'am still thinking how I'am still alive? I was only couple times in my whole life in forest, never on any kind of camp. Maybe this wall have some influence on me? Nevermind I have to watch after my plants, ahh farming... Horror! My plants all dead again, I'am almost out of seeds. Am I going to starve? Now I have serious problem I need to survive over there! Why farming is so hard? In farming every single thing can destory your work!
Forest: Horror, Survival Game!
Version: 1.3.3 (14)
Package: forest.main
15.75 MB (16514052 bytes)
Target: Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 - 4.0.2 API level 14, NDK 7
added on 2020-02-20 20:47:32 by catappult

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What's new in this version?

-fixed campfire

-more seeds from potatos and carrots

-less stones

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