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Download tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is 3D Magic LLC. . Latest Android APK Vesion tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client Is tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client is a people-to-people file sharing system that allows you to easily and quickly download large files like movies, music, PC games, softwares and more! All you need is a fast Internet connection (WIFI or 4G). By downloading tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client you can easily find and get detailed information on files, add magnet links, manage files with the built in file browser, and get RSS feeds! You can also choose to change the settings and gain control of your very own tTorrent. tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client is extremely simple and easy to use and it even allows you to pause, stop and resume your downloads. No wonder it has been considered one of the best torrent (P2P) downloader client for Android based devices. For a better experience download the Premium version of tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client that is ad-free! Get the chance to quickly download all of your favourite files with tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client.
From version tTorrent Pro - Torrent Client :
Added: 2012-07-14 20:03:05
Modified: 2016-01-19 15:38:58
Updated: 2018-06-17 05:31:51

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very nice app

Extra torrent is not working.

wow nys apps

works without lucky patcher.


thank u homie

this is great app,wOw😮😮

Choosing "Make a license for app" in lucky Patcher made this work perfectly.

Je fakt dobrej minule jsem si stahl 700mb za 12 minut

Vip apk pleas more mod and you are the best

License check fail

satisfactoriamente recomendado. :)

nice goooood👍👍👍👍👍

get lucky patcher. it can remove license verfication. must root phone to use

hello. everyone

After download it tells you that you need to buy the athorized app.

Works perfectly for me. It doesnt ask for a license, i dont know what ya talking about

il faut la licence

To use an LVL-Protected app Lucky Patcher must have patched the device and LVL emulation ON.

اسرع برنامج لتسريع التحميل

not licenced

Please make this one available with properly cracked version.

needs license.

Wrong version. There is a newer one.

Is your phone rooted?

I downgraded back to coz this version would freeze when I tried to view files. This is essential as '. torrent' files don't offer t torrent pro as an app to open them so you have to use magnet links only! Therefore you have to tick/untick files you want afterwards. Shame coz this app is the best I've used by far on my Note 4 as it offers much more options to configure and increase speed than utorrent pro version. works fine and doesn't have licence issue for us with non rooted devices.

need the licenses so its not good

No sírve. parece que un no confirma que es pro y se sale sólo. mejoren la app

Precisa de licença.

çok güzel !!!

nice app. quicker download and easy to use

Got a problem with the application, its freezing some times usually when downloading and trying to see pieces.

pidebregistro en el market, osea: que lo pagues

Nice man If someone need remove the verification use lucky patcher.

не взломан! требует купить лицензию в Google play!

download and use lucky patcher to remove license verification.

Needs a licence for non-rooted devices.

Not registered. When you open it, it says that the app is not licensed and forces to exit.

Works perfectly .. and for those who say it need license .. well yes it does !! In order to install this app or any paid app with license checker and make it work, you will need to make the following steps : 1) your device must be ROOTED 2) install {Lucky Patcher} Application 3) from the lucky patcher app hit (ToolBox) button and choose (install modded google play store) then choose the version you would like to install (latest is recommended) **the modded play store disable the license checking process for any paid app. Enjoy :)

I remove the licence thank you use work in great ttorrent 1.3.2.apk

asks for license. can not use app. please fix!

chiede la licenza

best torrent app for android

De los mejores gestores de descarga torrent

licence check Failure...

The torrent files doesn't appear

torrent not showing

Thank you so much is work profit it doesn't ask me no more licence is working profit

already removedremove the licence

what a waste of time

buy licence

Only working torrent client for me, z10 s4 10.2.1055

needs patch for license

It shows. Licence verification needed.

License required

Muito bom excelente Sem dúvidas o melhor Baixei e testei O melhor é pago mas aqui baixei grátis

please Patched Version

please Patched Version

please Patched Version

please Patched Version!;-)

Licence is missing

It needs license

Please patch this app ....... ;)

This Version Is Not Patched.You Have Need Of Lucky Patcher and The Root Phone...

1.2.3 needs license Use 1.2.2 + Lucky Patcher (auto)

Versions after this have license check.

simply the best, it s true.

Use Lucky Patcher to remove license (use auto)

works great...better than utorrent on playstore

download free than download pro version great!!

don't waste your time.

gane, this version is not free..dont update

Thanks styrke : worked for V.

Remove license verification with Lucky Patcher with selecting Auto mode and Other Patches in Auto Modes list.

Failed Licensed Verification....

1.2.0 working without lucky patcher, not much difference

only torrents with no zip exe or rar will work on your android device

You need the Patched Google Play Store or to use the pattern patches in Lucky Patcher in order for this to work

Use Lucky Patcher

No tiene licencia

Errore Verifica Licenza.....

Useless error package!

buena app para bajar torrent mientras cargas la bateria!!!

la version no va crakeada como Pro

To remove the license you need root and lucky patcher to remove the license

It works for my galaxy s2 stock rom no root international lol the warning sign was kind of scaring me though but at the end it worked so ty mate

It's not cracked

use luckey patcher

Best torrent app

thnx a ton for d app great on my note 2

if you download this version, it will state its not licensed and cant be used

use version:

Can't install, file not found

Want down load for note 2

noo i want it to work (: ! i was just saying cuz some people were having trouble w/ it but i dont know if it was v1.1.2.1 or the other one but thanks anyways (: !

do you want that it does not work? is it a good thing

Note: ~Use Lucky Patcher to remove license check(Auto Mode).

htcsense - i dont have root & v1.1.2.1 is working for me :D is that weird or ..? but awesome thanks (: !

Flop... Its says app not licensedd. Buy app or exit.

Okay or what?

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