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Download Fluid Mechanics APK For Android, APK File Named io.bhekorinc.appid1 And APP Developer Company Is Bhekor Inc. . Latest Android APK Vesion Fluid Mechanics Is Fluid Mechanics 1.0.3 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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The aim of this application is to provide readers/users with a basic and introductory understanding of a Basic Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics concept or topics and some solved problems. Targeted Audience: First year undergraduate students taking a course in Engineering (such as Mechanical, Mechatronics, e.t.c). Application Contents: Introduction Introduction to Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics Fluid Properties Basic Fluid Properties Fluid Mechanics i. Thermodynamics Properties of a Fluid ii. Surface Tension and Capillarity iii. Compressibility and Bulk Modulus Types of Fluids i. Types of Fluids ii. Types of Fluid Flow iii. Types of Flow Lines Fluid Dynamics i. Introduction ii. Different types of Heads (or Energies) of a Liquid in Motion iii. Total Head/Energy iv. Bernoulli's Equation v. Head Lost vi. Rate of Flow or Discharge vii. Continuity Equation Units and Dimensions i. Units ii. Dimensions Dimensional Analysis i. Natural Laws ii. Dimensional Analysis iii. Uses of dimensional analysis iv. Advantages of dimensional analysis Practical Applications of Bernoulli's Equation i. Venturimeter ii. Orificemeter iii. Pitot tube iv. Rotameter v. Elbow meter Fluid Power i. Fluid Momentum Fluid Statics i. Buoyancy ii. Stability of floating bodies iii. Pascal's Law iv. Fluid-Static Law Pressure Measurement i. Sensors ii. Bourdon Gauge iii. Manometer iv. Barometer v. Piezometer Tube Orifice and Mouthpiece i. Orifice ii. Mouthpiece iii. Hydraulic Co-efficients If you like this application, rate it. Thanks to BGG for the supports in this application.

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