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GoL Tablet Edition is an app expressly for older adults who are brand new to the world of the Internet. The GoL teaching app guides the new user through a series of hands-on, interactive, step-by-step instructions to develop basic tablet skills, followed by practice exercises for specific popular tablet functions. Self-learning, by proceeding at their own pace, the new users learn by doing – with instruction that lead to Internet applications – email, web searching, YouTube, as well as tablet tools such as using the camera, texting, and video calling. User learning experiences are directly transferable to other tablet functions, apps, and the Internet at large. Designed and tested for use with older adults – the key attributes are: - Step-by-step guided instructions on each screen. - Large type. Plain English instruction. - No Advertising. - Familiar and static graphics – all designed to avoid confusion and distraction. - Help pages that are one tap away. GoL differs from other means of learning the tablet in two ways: - The focus is on the individual learner. The new user experiences for herself the excitement of discovery – the “aha!” moment, the “I did it all by myself” moment – that makes the learning effort worthwhile and memorable. - We provide instructions on every screen so the user never has to worry about forgetting. From learning how to “tap” to learning how to download a new app, the user is guided through the process with step-by-step instructions. Studies show that when an elder who is completely unfamiliar with computer or tablet technology reads all the directions and tries to follow then on her own, with someone there to assist and encourage, she will learn the basics of using a tablet in 45 minutes! No one should be left behind, particularly the older among us, who could benefit so much from the use of email and the rishces of the World Wide Web. For more information, please visit our website And for a free printable “tip sheet” that suppliments the GoL teaching software, go to

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