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Download RFS - Real Flight Simulator 1.2.1 APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is RORTOS . Latest Android APK Vesion RFS - Real Flight Simulator Is RFS - Real Flight Simulator 1.2.1 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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Download RFS - Real Flight Simulator.apk android apk files version 1.2.0 Size is 349715115 md5 is 680010378f6caca82f3bfa28ec4bc8fc By RORTOS This Version Need Jelly Bean 4.3.x API level 18 or higher, We Index Version From this file.Version code 120004 equal Version 1.2.0 .You can Find More info by Search it.rortos.realflightsimulator On Google.If Your Search rortos,realflightsimulator,simulation Will Find More like it.rortos.realflightsimulator,RFS - Real Flight Simulator 1.2.0 Downloaded 35392 Time And All RFS - Real Flight Simulator App Downloaded Time. *** Special discounted Price! *** Live a unique experience flying in any part of the world and exploring sceneries and airports in high resolution with satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, procedures and air traffic. Jump on board of real time flights, chat with other pilots and join them in multiplayer. Manage flight plans and interact with ATC controllers. Get access to thousands of community created liveries, customize all airplanes, their gauges, failures and weather conditions. Become a real pilot! ManualTutorial: wiki.realflightsimulator.orgwiki FLY NOW: -Takeoff, landing or full flight -Automatic creation of flight plan ADVANCED FLIGHT PLAN (PRO only) -Multiple options to createeditduplicate complex flight plans -Datetime: CUSTOMREAL (with night and day cycle) -Flight Plan with procedures for DEPARTURE, ARRIVAL, APPROACH and TRANSITION (SID and STAR) -Aircraft: V-SPEEDS, GROSS WEIGHT LIMITS, FUEL BURN, FLIGHT TIME ESTIMATED with customization of FUEL, PASSENGERS and CARGO -WeatherMetar Departure and Arrival: CUSTOMREAL - WIND DIRECTIONSPEED, MAIN WEATHER (CLEAR, FOG, RAIN, STORM, SNOW), CLOUDS, CLOUDS BASE, TURBULENCE, GROUND TEMPERATURE REAL TIME FLIGHTS (PRO only) -40.000 real time flights every day -Real time traffic for the 35 largest airports in the world and their connected destinations -Jump on any available real time flight and bring it to destination MULTIPLAYER (PRO only) -Join hundreds of other pilots and fly together in any part of the world -Chat with any multiplayer pilot Features: ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM: personalize your instruments and gauges AIRCRAFT: Custom liveries, 3D live cockpit, working parts and lights AIRPORTS 35 HD: High res satellite imagery, lifelike 3D buildings, taxiways and departure, arrival and approach procedures, PBB and VDGS 500 SD: Runways, 3D buildings and departure and approach procedures 14000 LD (PRO only): Runways and departure and approach procedures Ground and air traffic (PRO only) ATC Air Traffic Control (PRO only) -Interactive multi voice ATC procedures and communications -Frequencies: ATIS, GROUND, TOWER, APPROACH, EN ROUTE, EMERGENCY FAILURES: CUSTOMRANDOM - ALTITUDESPEED SENSOR, FUEL TANK, LANDING GEAR, ENGINE, FLAPS, AILERONS, THRUST REVERSERS, TYRES, RUDDER, SPOILER, BRAKE, ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, RADAR SATELLITE TERRAIN (PRO only): High definition worldwide satellite terrains SATELLITE HEIGHTMAPS (PRO only): High definition worldwide heightmaps (Satellite data requires online connection to stream data) LIVERIES: Create your airplane liveries and share them with other players around the world IN GAME: -ADVANCED MULTI PANEL SYSTEM: .INSTRUMENTS: PFD, ND, FMS, Map, Engines, Fuel, AltimeterAnemo .INDICATORS: AirGroundVertical Speed, Heading, Altitude AGLASM, ETE NextDest, Destination, Next WP, Nearest Airport, GroundOAT Temp, Wind, ActivityFlightUTCLocalArrival Time, Fuel, N1, V-Speeds and more -ILS Instrument Landing System -CONTROLS: Main Throttle, Flaps, Landing Gear, Spoiler, Brake, Rudder and Pushback -GROUND SYSTEMS: GPU, PBB, PUSHBACK -AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS: HUD, WPAIRCRAFTCOMMS HUD, APU, ANTI ICE, NAVBEACONLANDINGSTROBE LIGHTS -ENGINES: StartStop Engines, Separated Throttles, ANTI FIRE -FUEL: Weight balancing, fuel dumping and real fuel consumption -AUTOPILOT: NAVIGATION, APPROACH (Automatic Landing System) + SPEED, HDG, ALT, VS -MASTER CAUTION ALARM -VDGS: VISUAL DOCKING GUIDANCE SYSTEM on all HD airports -MAP: air topography with airports and waypoints. Detailed airport view (HD Airport) + FMC and flight plan -MULTI CAMERA PAUSEIN FLIGHT:  -QUICK ACTIVITY: RunwayGate Takeoff, Landing, Short Landing, Next WP and Current Position -DATETIME: CUSTOMREAL -AIRCRAFT: Full customization (LoadPassengersFuel) anytime during your flight -WEATHER: CUSTOMREAL -FAILURES: CUSTOMRANDOMOFF RESUME LAST ACTIVITY LOGBOOK ONLINE MANUALTUTORIAL PRO Version requires a subscription Support: [email protected]
RFS - Real Flight Simulator
Version: 1.2.0 (120004)
Package: it.rortos.realflightsimulator
333.51 MB (349715115 bytes)
Target: Jelly Bean 4.3.x API level 18
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In RFS - Real Flight Simulator 1.2.0

- New ground emergency management system with evacuation slide, ambulance and firefighting vehicle

- New lights for ground vehicles

- New GATE/APRON pins/labels based on zoom level

- New cargo aircraft assignment to APRON

- Bug fixes

In RFS - Real Flight Simulator 1.2.0


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