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Download Xstana APK For Android, APK File Named lfprodev.xposed.xstana And APP Developer Company Is LF.PRODEV . Latest Android APK Vesion Xstana Is Xstana 2.5.0 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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XSTANA is an XPOSED-FRAMEWORK module that theme your navigation and status bars. MAKE SURE THAT YOU FULLY READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE CONTACTING ME OR RATE THIS APP. _______________________________ *REQUIREMENTS* : -A rooted device. -Xposed-Framework running on your device.

_______________________________ *MAIN FEATURES* : -Status Bar theme: -Apply a theme on these icons: alarm, wifi, signal, bluetooth, gps, battery, sync, ringer, headset. -Adjust what icons to theme. -You can choose what icons to theme. -Navigation Bar theme: -Apply an embedded theme on these elements : back, back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background(translucent mode only). -Apply a personalized theme with your own images on : back, back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background(translucent mode only), qmemo(LG), qslide(LG), dual window(LG), notification down/up(LG). -Adjust : background, scale-type, buttons color. -You should test at least one theme before upgrade to PRIME _______________________________ *KNOWN ISSUES* : -Compatibility issues (like non-themed icons) with : -Some Lollipop ROMS. -Samsung JB+ Touchwiz ROMS. -AOSP KK+ Based ROMS. -CyanogenMod Theme Engine. -Bugs : -Size of personalized buttons may change during device use. (depends on device). -Misalignment of icons in the status bar. (depends on themes and device used). _______________________________ *FAQ*: -Why is my button/icon the wrong one or wrong color ? -Color adjustement is maybe activated, deactivate it from adjustment options. -Another module is in conflict with Xstana, maybe "Tinted status bar", "Flat style colored bars", "GravityBox" or other. -Xstana is not fully compatible with your device. -What does/will Xstana NOT do ? -It does/will not reorder icons/buttons. -It does/will not resize icons/buttons/bars. -It does/will not make navigation bar appear. -It does/will not buttons function. -It does/will not theme you battery icon if you use an aosp/touchwiz rom. - It does/will not make your status and navigation bars support translucent mode. -It does/will not color your status and navigation bars background when you are not in translucent mode. -Why does Xstana not work at all? -Xposed framework is maybe not running on your device, please install it : -Your device/rom is not compatible with Xstana. _______________________________ *WORKING CONFIGURATIONS* : -Majority of Stock Based ROMS from JB to KK. -Some Lollipop roms (not cm12 and sense) _______________________________ *CREDITS* : -ROVO89 : Xposed-framework creator. _______________________________ To report an issue or help to improve you can send me an email by using "Report an issue" option. To support my work and unlock all features of Xstana you can upgrade to PRIME. Support Thread :

From version Xstana 2.5.0 :
Added: 2017-09-03 02:14:11
Modified: 2018-06-05 09:46:36
Updated: 2018-10-13 05:09:12

- 2 new navbar themes

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For those who like to make their android looks great xposed module

Premium Features are Unlocked! :-)

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