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Download Fart Sounds APK For Android, APK File Named lion.fart.sounds And APP Developer Company Is Lion Apps Studio . Latest Android APK Vesion Fart Sounds Is Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

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With 30 fart sounds and 10 farting songs this soundboard app will make you laugh, cry, keep you entertained and hopefully embarrass a few people (just for fun of course). Entertain yourself and your friends with this prank app :) FART SOUNDBOARD Soundboard includes buttons for all the sounds and songs. You like a sound or song? Then set it as ringtone / notification /alarm sound. EXPLOSIVE FART GRENADE PRANK Set a timer. Wait for it to go off. A fart sound that you define will be played. TIP: when using fart grenade, hide the phone somewhere near your friends. Blame a fart on them. GAMES Play 2 games for extra fun. The first one is a classic “Fart Saga - Match 3” and the other is “Avoid the farts”. Enjoy playing them for hours. PIANO 4 modes: Grand Piano / Synthesizer / Organ / Fartoid (of course, the last one plays the fart sounds). You can also record yourself when playing the piano. CAMERA PRANK Give your phone to someone else. When he/she tries to take a photo of you, the phone will make a loud fart sound. That can be really funny in a crowded place. RECORDER Record your own fart sound and add really cool effects to it. Just to name some of them: Helium, Ogre, Monster, … SHAKE IT Best for pranking people without a phone in your hands. Activate this mode and put your phone to your pocket. Wait for the right moment and lift your leg to fart. SEND IT TO YOUR FRIEND Make your friend’s day special and send him/her a fart song. We are sure he/she will be happy to get it. Still reading? Come on, it’s time for you to get this soundboard app and try it for free. Please, leave us a review and let us know which feature you like the most or how you pranked someone – we would really like to hear that :) Keep smiling folks and make this world a happier place. Fart out!

From version Fart Sounds 4.2 :
Added: 2019-08-12 14:10:58
Modified: 2020-01-31 11:26:46
Updated: 2020-01-31 11:26:15

When app launches for the first time, now there are some instructions on how to use the app.

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