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Download The Real Meditation APK For Android, APK File Named net.andromo.dev260045.app505865 And APP Developer Company Is Hypnos Labs . Latest Android APK Vesion The Real Meditation Is The Real Meditation 1.6 Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

The Real Meditation APK Description

"The Real Meditation" is the latest achievement of Android radio apps - a compact, stylish app which allows you to stream radio stations from all around the world through a single, easy to use application interface. With an amazing list of lounge, ambient and meditation music radio stations you will always find a station that plays music closer to your personal tastes. All the musical genres you will come across are renowned for their calming effect on human body and soul. No matter if it is standard meditation music, nature sounds, ambient and lounge or chill-out - all music which plays from the radios included is ideal for relaxing, meditation sessions, even sleep! Those of you who suffer form insomnia or very high stress, you surely know that relaxing music will help, right? The user interface is what makes all things simple - the only thing the user needs to do is choose among the stations added and tap Play. Music will play and media information display, such as song title and artist will show at the bottom if the stream includes it. This allows song identification but also gives information about the music playing to help you choose a station. Our advanced streaming techniques make the app load music fast regardless of the internet connection speed or the distance of the station transmitter - after all, no FM airwaves are used, only internet access through 3G/4G networks or, even better, WIFI access. This eliminates any hassle occurring when you get static or low audio quality from radio. "The Real Meditation" is and forever will be free! Suitable for all devices running Android 2.3 and above. We are sure you have tried many things to help you remove stress - why not try this free radio app too? You will be surprised!

From version The Real Meditation 1.6 :
Added: 2019-01-18 23:50:59
Modified: 2019-11-23 08:49:23
Updated: 2019-11-17 14:23:55

Version 1.3:

Totally new style, according to Material Design!

The latest rules for designing modern apps have been implemented, with the Android drawer (switch from left to the right) included!

* We have fixed the links of some stations

* We have added 6 new stations

* We removed 3 stations that no longer work

Thank you all for your feedback and support! Please keep the reviews coming!

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