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Discover a new level of high-quality multimedia space in the Internet with the Ace Stream software: - Enjoy watching online large number of broadcasts, with the best audio-visual quality on the Internet (TV, custom streams, movies, cartoons, etc.), which are delivered with Ace Stream protocol - Listen online to music in lossless-format, with a maximum level of stream stability - Play torrents online, without waiting for content download - Watch content on remote devices (Apple TV, Chromecast etc.) over such communication protocols as AirPlay, Google Cast and others - Use for playback any players comfortable to you - Use functionality of the Ace Stream with your favorite apps The contents of the Ace Stream Media package: - Ace Stream Engine - universal manager of multimedia streams which uses the most advanced P2P-technologies for efficient data storage and transmission. Note: In this release the default output format in settings is set to "auto", which means that the stream is transcoded when playing video in MKV container with AC3 codec on devices and players with no support for this audio codec (Apple TV, Chromecast etc.). This leads to considerable delays when starting playback and increases response when seeking (especially on low-powered devices). Therefore, if your remote device or player supports AC3 audio codec, then you can go to settings and switch the output format to something more convenient. P.S. In the future, we are going to optimize this process and eliminate all the inconveniences. Attention! This application does not contain any content. It only allows playback of content published by different people and third-party services over Ace Stream and Bittorrent protocols. Therefore, if you don't know why you need this app, do not install it, and if you are not satisfied with the quality of any broadcasts published in any third-party applications, or on any third-party websites, or such broadcasts don't work at all, please contact directly the owners of the content, but not us.

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hi when you say content id. what does that refer to? sorry im new to all this

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