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Download Peel Smart Remote TV Guide APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is Samsung Powered by Peel . Latest Android APK Vesion Peel Smart Remote TV Guide Uploaded In 2017-10-15 Is Peel Smart Remote TV Guide Can Free Download APK Then Install On Android Phone.

Peel Smart Remote TV Guide APK Description

This Remote Changes Everything!

Peel Smart Remote revolutionizes your home entertainment experience by combining universal remote control and live or streamed TV listings into one simple-to-use app. This is the only remote and TV guide you need.

Universal Remote Control

Reliably control your TV, set-top box, DVD player, Blu-ray, Roku, Apple TV, audio system, and home appliances like air conditioners and heaters, using the built-in infrared IR blaster on your smartphone.

Find Something Good to Watch

Peel provides smart show recommendations and TV guide listings based on your preferences and past viewing behavior, all organized in an easy to navigate interface. Best of all, the more you “Peel-in”, the smarter it gets.

Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use.

Peel is super simple. No matter where you live, what brand of TV or set-top box you own, or who provides your service, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Confirm your location from 110 different countries, choose your TV provider, and then pair Peel Smart Remote with all your home electronics. It can replace your Samsung TV remote, LG TV remote, Sony TV remote, Vizio TV remote, Dish remote, DirectTV remote, Apple TV remote and more. Peel supports more than 400,000 devices. This is the only universal remote control you will ever need.

Never Miss Your Favorite Shows

With the Peel Smart Remote you can easily set a calendar reminder so you never again miss a favorite show, movie or sports event. Simply tap on the reminder notification to “Peel-in.”

Peel-in to Your Favorites

Customize your Peel Smart Remote by selecting your favorite channels and shows. Finding out when and where your favorite programs and movies are available to watch on TV has never been easier.

Personalize Your TV Program Guide & Listings

Unlike other universal remote controls, Peel Smart Remote allows you to easily personalize your TV channel listing to match your local over-the-air, dish or cable provider or streaming service.

Easily Discover Streamed Content

Peel Smart Remote allows you to discover your favorite shows and movies on your streaming video services. Whether you prefer Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV or dozens of other digital content providers, Peel will help you find something good to watch.

The More You Use, the Smarter it Gets

Peel is the world’s most popular smart remote with 140 million-plus registered users worldwide and more than 10 billion smart remote commands a month. No more worrying about what to watch on TV, how to find your favorite content, or where your remote is hiding. The more you tune-in with Peel, the smarter it gets.

Help and Support is Close By

Go to for FAQs or email [email protected] You can also visit, follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook ( for the latest app updates.

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A5 يشتغل 100%

برنامج عجيب جدآ😆

seperti nya bagus

Only connects to Roko or Pronto. No direct control to tv

que lindo virus

pongan le control de Mini componente

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This is the best remote app ever!!

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يصير لجهاز A5

للاسف مو كل الماركات موجوده

good nice thnx💔

والله يشتغل

more useful for me (laziest) 😉 👍

modelos de samsung son compatibles

Well done!👏👏👏

descargare aptoide


Je n'arrive ni avec ma TV ni avec mon climatisateur

Descargue APTOIDE

no sirve esta mierda

التحميل معطل

porque me pone ke no es compatible con mi telefono

si alguien sabe como puedo descargármela k lo diga

برنامج يموووت

me pide actualizacion pero me dice que no es compatible con mi dispositivo, pero ni dispostivo es un telefono samsung -.-

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verdad que siiii

es muy buena aplicación 😂

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good app tv

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mierda como demora en descargar -_-

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es buena muy buena

best app ever

رائع حملته galaxy grand prime

his not good :(

Dont work! Não funciona essa bosta, quando escolho a marca da tv o app para de funcionar. -_-

only this version works with my Galaxy Tab s 10.5. not even the app in the Galaxy app store works.

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yo residen la estoy descargando

Me encanto pero deberían ponerlo para otras marcas

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