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MPC Machine is a music creating app inspired by classic drum machine samplers such as MPC 500/1000/2500/2000XL/iMPC pro and Native Instruments Maschine / iMaschine. This app is NOT a Toy beat making drum machine app. It is aimed at both beginners and professionals to make beats Armed with a Technics 1210, CDJ or a youtube video as a sound source. DJs, Producers and beat makers produce hit records by sampling sounds, editing and sequencing samples using MPCs. MPC Machine acts like a portable MPC and allows you make your own beats whereever inspiration strikes. Imagine sampling a classic James Brown break beat, then using the sample slicer to chop and spread each drum hit across the drum pads, or sampling a snippet of a 808 trap, kalimba or djembe drum, and use them as sample instruments for your latest drum kit. Hailed as the portable MPC for Android, MPC Machine, lets you make your own music, your way. Make your own beats using the 16 pads against a metronome to keep your own drum sequence in time, or use the 16 step sequencer modelled from classic groovebox for those who like to make beats one step at a time MPC Machine is the beat maker of choice for many professionals, and heres why: - 16 drum pads across 4 Banks (64 sounds per drum kit) Sample finder to import drum sounds / kits Free kits 16 Step Sequencer for groovebox style drum sequencing Rap to beats with Direct Note Record Tap Tempo MPC Swing (For single pad, track or all tracks) Import AKAI MPC PGM Format from MPC 500/1000/2500/2000XL Machines (Pad mapping Only) Drum Flam (4th, 8th,16th,32nd, and with Swing or Triplet modes Reads/Writes Akai SND Format Insert, Erase, Edit note recordings in real time List View Editor Sequence Bar Looping Iterative Quantize Track Explode 64 Tracks Ghost samples (Non Destructive Sample Chopping ie..multiple references to one sample..resulting in one file) Load and assign samples to pad while the sequencer is playing Sample Editor (Reverse, cut,copy,trim, normalise) Sample Slicer Save Drum Kits in Legacy MPC Format (MPC 500/1000/2500/MPC2000XL) (MPC RENAISSANCE COMPATIBLE) Make your beats and Export Audio mix down As WAV/MP3 Export Individual Tracks as WAV, to Import into a DAW Assign your sample to pads Pad copy Pads light up during playback Time Stretching (offline) Pitch Shift (offline) Midi Import / Export Plus Much more... NOTE: This app is not affiliated with Akai or Native Instruments Maschine.. All Rights Reserved PLEASE TRY THE FREE DEMO VERSION FIRST TO ENSURE FULL COMPATIBILITY WITH YOUR DEVICE:

From version MPC MACHINE 1.36 :
Added: 2018-12-17 00:50:39
Modified: 2018-12-17 00:50:39
Updated: 2020-05-19 06:18:07

Added Multi-Language Support

Minor Bug Fixes

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